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Features of SAP Memory Analyzer

Features which our users considered very helpful are marked with an (star) .

User Interfaces

  • SWT-based GUI
  • Batch mode - parse a heap dump and run leak suspects report from the command lne


  • Leak suspects report (see blog post "Finding Memory Leaks with One Click") (star)
  • Class histogram of a single heap dump with grouping by Class/ClassLoader (star)
  • Class histogram of the difference between two heap dumps with grouping by Class/ClassLoader
  • Dominator Tree used to find the biggest distinct objects and allowing to explore the keep-alive tree of the object graph (Shallow Size and Retained Size) with grouping by Class/ClassLoader (star)
  • Immediate Dominators on an object set with exclude pattern for faster problem recognition and grouping by Class/ClassLoader(star)
  • Retained size for single object (star)
  • Compute precise retained size for an object set (star)
  • Compute minimum retained size for an object set very fast (star)
  • Show retained set by RegEx for class name or specific ClassLoader (star)
  • Execute OQL query (SQL-like Object Query Language) (star)
  • Outbound References from one single object
  • Inbound References to one single object
  • Outbound References from a set of objects grouped by class (star)
  • Inbound References to a set of objects grouped by class (star)
  • Object Lists
  • Object Inspector (Address, Class, ClassLoader, Shallow Size, Retained Size, GCInfo, static and instance fields with types, names, and values)
  • Find object by address
  • Open selected object in the dominator tree
  • Paths from the GC roots/threads to one single object (star)
  • Shortest paths from the GC roots to a set of objects (star)
  • Heap Dump Info (Size, 32/64 Bit, #Objects, #Classes, #ClassLoaders, #GCRoots)
  • Heap Dump History of last opened heap dumps

Online Help

  • Welcome Page
  • Manual
  • New and Noteworthy
  • Tutorials (Basic Analysis, Unique Features, OQL in 1 minute, Console, How to find memory problems?)
  • Icon Assist

SAP Specifics

  • ClassLoader will show name of deployment unit if detected as SAP JEE class loader (star)
  • Registered Loaders Query listing all ClassLoaders which are registered in the ClassLoader registry of the SAP JEE Engine
  • Leaking Loaders Query listing all ClassLoaders which are NOT registered in the ClassLoader registry of the SAP JEE Engine (see blog)(star)
  • Query showing the JEE Cache Regions
  • Query displaying the JEE Session

Convenience Features

  • Instant reopen of once parsed heap dumps (star)
  • Default extractors for Java standard collections (LinkedList, ArrayList, Vector, HashSet, HashMap/Hashtable Keys/Values) (star)
  • Copy address, value or class name via context menu or press CTRL+C for class name
  • Copy whole view to clipboard (helps you to avoid huge screenshots and is handy for postings)
  • Export whole table to CSV
  • Auto-expand object reference chains until more than one object is found
  • Totals tool-tip of the selected rows above a hovered column
  • Totals line for any table
  • Store once calculated retained size per class in the class histogram along with the heap dump
  • Free-text notes view which will be stored along with the heap dump for your notes
  • Auto-detection of deleted heap dumps cleaning up the history
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