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700 Configuration
Check whether it is set up in this way:

730 Configuration
Check whether it is set up in this way:
If there is no proxy then ensure that the developers are not using NWDS proxy either that would prevent the access to the server.

General recommendation:

  • you can use the OS command "netstat -ano" to see if the port in question is really available and not occupied.
  • check whether there is a firewall between the NWDS and the server to be debugged. If yes firewall settings should allow this debugging.

debug via SSL
The debugging protocol is not secured. The engine provides the option to instruct the JVM to open the debug port on any number
and if that succeeds then it is fine. So one can open the 443 by configuring it in the configtool, but it will not be debugging over SSL
it will just mean that the debug port is opened on 443. if something else occupies that port, then the JVM might not start at all
In addition if one has configured the Engine SSL to listen to 443 and try to open debug port on 443 - this will not work
So it is possible to configure this port, but not possible to configure it "over SSL

Notes and documents:
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