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  • When developers try to check-in activities, add resource (adding a folder, folder with subtree, add a fusion etc.) to workspace, the process fails with the below error:


Cannot perform all requested operations in one macro since the limit for request length on the DTR server will be reached. If this is an operation triggered using a menu option in UI,try selecting less number of resources and try operation again. If not, please contact your system administrator to increase the maximum request length allowed by the J2EE Engine hosting the DTR Server.


  1. The default DTR properties that is responsible for the upper file size are not enough in this case if large files need to be uploaded. The values need to be increased as per customer requirement. Increase the value of the property "com.tssap.dtr.pvc.propagation.maxRequestContentLength" and "com.tssap.dtr.deltav.propagation.maxRequestContentLength" to atleast 50000 at DTR path ws/system/config/active/registry/ For more information on amending DTR properties, check SAP NOTE: 1001509.
  2. For security reasons, the maximum length of the headers part of HTTP requests that can be received by the HTTP Provider Service are set to a low level. This is done inorder to prevent denial-of-service attacks by requests with huge headers. This can be the cause of the issue as well. Login to Visual admin-> dispatcher-> services-> HTTP provider and increase the value of "MaxRequestHeadersLength" parameter as per need. Note that this value is in bytes. On engines with ICM, increase the property "icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB".  If the value is set to -1 then there is no limit to the HTTP Request size.