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Put this line into class main method:
String a = "i042416";
And decompile the .class file using javap:
We can see the "i042416" is included in the constant pool:
The java code String a = "i042416" is implemented via two lines of codes below:
1. When the class is loaded by JVM, the string "i042416" is represented by #16. When instruction ldc #16 is called for the first time, the native method StringTable::intern will be called to generate char[], and store the reference into StringTable and constant pool. When the ldc #16 is called subsequently, the reference #16 is directly returned from constant pool.
2. Instruction astore_1 stores the reference of "i042416" to local variable table.
Test via these lines instead:
String aa1 = "i042416";
String aa2 = "jerrywang";
String aa3 = "i042416" + "jerrywang";
We can see for line aa3, the string concatenation is done in compilation time.
As a result, the following println gets true as result:
String aa1 = "i042416jerrywang";
String aa2 = "jerrywang";
String aa3 = "i042416" + "jerrywang";
System.out.println(aa1 == aa3);

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