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Author: Jochen Guertler


The goal of the Web Dynpro for Java Demo Kit is to provide a comprehensive overview about the capabilities available within Web Dynpro for Java. The Web Dynpro for Java Demo Kit consists of 20 tutorials, several demo applications and a portal-like shell application which offers additional functionality. 

The complete Web Dynpro sources are available for download and can be imported into the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio for further analysis or as starting point for your own Web Dynpro for Java applications.  

The Demo Kit Shell

The Demo Kit shell offers typical shell functionality like search, logoff or a feedback channel. 
In the side panel on the left side of the shell, you can

  • search for specific tutorials or demo content
  • show a "How To" document for the selected tutorial or demo application
  • go to Helpful Links (showing further links to interesting articles and threads for example in SDN).

In the tool bar above the content area you can

  • show and hide the navigation panel and the side panel
  • change the size of the side panel
  • open the tutorial document
  • trigger application-specific actions.

In the header menu you can

  • change the visualization of the Demo Kit shell
  • send feedback
  • report bugs 

The Demo Kit shell itself is built using standard Web Dynpro for Java functionality. The shell of the SAP NetWeaver CE 7.20 version for example is heavily using the capabilites of web widgets to integrate application-specific HTML and JS to create a SAP-like shell visualization. The shell application itself is a very good example for correct usage of the Web Dynpro component capabilities.

The sources of the shell implementation(s) are also part of the downloads mentioned below.

We recommend to run the Demo Kit using Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8.


The SAP NetWeaver CE 7.11 and 7.20 Version

This version covers all features available in the SAP NetWeaver 7.11 and 7.20 release - both as standalone version and embedded into the SAP Enterprise portal.

The included features are for example typical AJAX capabilities like input suggestion or drag & drop, UI integration capabilities using Flash islands or stateful iFrames or extended programming model features like popup-windows or dynamic component usages. Besides that the Demo Kit shows how to use advanced features of the Web Dynpro context, how to correctly define layouts and how to provide extended sorting, filtering and scrolling capabilites for the Web Dynpro table control.

The SAP NetWeaver CE 7.11 version of the Demo Kit is available for download here (to download, click on the button TRIAL version – even if it is not trial, this is unfortunately a limitation of the sap store itself)


Feel free to give us feedback here in this wiki page (see comment section at the bottom)

You can also see "Feedback" available in here.

Available Tutorials

All tutorials and demo applications can be started from within the Web Dynpro for Java Demo Kit. In addition you can read the available tutorials using the following list: