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The New SCN: Simple, Advanced, Powerful

The SAP Community Network (SCN), has consistently been recognized for being progressive in how it engages with its huge community members. In keeping with our constant push to evolve and serve users, SCN has initiated a migration of its platform to Jive SBS 5.0, which will enable an even more open, collaborative and easier-to-use environment for users. To help you understand the reasons behind this change, and to educate users on how to use Jive, we've created this repository of useful tools and resources.

Introducing the New SAP Community Network

Please note: Information regarding the Reputation Program has been updated as of April 28th, 2013. Please refer to the new Reputation Program Overview document.

Reputation Program Overview

Update on the New SCN Launch
Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President of SAP Communities & Social Media, gives an update on the new SCN launch, as well as future plans for the community after launch.

The New SAP Community Network is Coming ...

Get a sneak peek at this new and exciting SCN platform.

How to Build Your Reputation on the New SCN

Jason Cao, SAP Business Analytics community evangelist on SCN, gives tips for how to build your reputation on the new SCN.

What You Need to Know About the New SCN

Pat Flanders, Content Strategist for the SCN team, explains some of the more important changes and differences between the current SCN and the new SCN.  


The New SCN - Launch Now Planned for Early 2012

Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President for the SAP Community Network, announces that the new SCN platform will now debut in early 2012.

Impressions from SAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd - Madrid 2011
Matthias Steiner, Development Architect at SAP and an SAP Mentor, blogs about Teched and SCN’s launch.

Be a Space Cadet and not a Space-Out in the New SCN

Keith Elliott, Editor in Chief of SDN and BPX communities, gives a primer on all the spaces you'll find in the new SCN.

Finding Forums Fast on the New SCN - Don't get Lost in Space

Keith Elliott, Editor in Chief of SDN and BPX communities, explains how to find forums quickly on the new platform.  

 The New Submission Process for Articles and Media Items

David Metser explains how the new submission process will be easier and more user friendly.

We’re Listening: How the NEW SCN Is Incorporating User Feedback
Gail Moody-Byrd, Director of Marketing for the SAP Community Network, shares exciting news that user feedback will be incorporated into the new SCN platform.  


Gali Kling Schneider, part of the Community Collaboration Team for SCN, gives a recap of Jive World 2011 after attending the conference in Las Vegas.

The New, Social SCN

From "The SAP Community Network (SCN) continues its self-improvement campaign. Migration is underway to a new, modern platform that will support social media tools and simplify the posting process."

Get Ready for the NEW SCN - Expand Your Profile

Gail Moody-Byrd, Director of Marketing for the SAP Community Network, offers some insight into the new experience that members will have once SCN migrates to the Jive platform.

Between You and Me: SCN Open House

Jason Cao offers insight about the SCN migration and how the community network is similar to an "Open House."

Behind the Scenes of the new SAP Community Network!

Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President for the SAP Community Network, gives a "behind the scenes" glance into the new platform.

Jive 5 and SCN: The Right Content to the Right Person at the Right Time

Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President for the SAP Community Network, introduces an exciting feature from the new SCN platform that will fundamentally add value to the community network experience.

Better. Faster. Stronger. The SAP Community Network ... Coming Soon on a New, Modern Platform!

Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President for the SAP Community Network, announces the plans for SCN to migrate to a new, modernized platform.

Migrating SCN Blog Functionality in 2011

Jeanne Carboni, Senior Director at SAP and responsible for management of the SCN Collaboration team, shares news that there is a plan to receive funding for a new SCN platform in 2011.

Community Feedback 

It's Easier to Use - The New SAP Community Network

SAP Community Network members get a sneak peek at the new platform. Listen to their testimonials to hear how the new SCN is simpler, faster and more personalized. 

The New SCN - Sharing the Excitement

Gail Moody-Byrd, Director of Marketing for the SAP Community Network, introduces the first issue of "Sharing the Excitement," which highlights user feedback regarding the new SCN platform. View all "Sharing the Excitement" issues here.


INTRO TO SCN ON JIVE: Introducing the new SCN "Tip in a Minute" Video Series
In this first video, learn how to create a discussion (forum) thread in the new SCN platform. 

MANAGING COLLABORATION: SCN Tip in a Minute: Managing Collaboration on a Document

Learn how you can invite others to collaborate with you on documents that are posted in the new SCN. 

TRACKING: SCN Tip in a Minute: The Difference between Tracking in Communications and Following

Learn how to track content and people throughout the community.

TRENDING:  SCN Tip in a Minute: Trending and More Like This

Learn about the areas in the new SCN that will tell you what's trending in the community.

CREATE BUTTON: SCN Tip in a Minute: The Global Create Button

Learn about the most efficient way to publish content on the new platform.

@MENTION: SCN Tip in a Minute: @Mention on Status Update
Learn how to use the @mention feature in the new SCN platform.

FOLLOWING MEMBERS: SCN Tip in a Minute: "Following" Other SCN Members

Learn how to "follow" others from the community so their activity will show up in your own activity stream.

BROWSING: SCN Tip in a Minute: The Browse Menu

Learn how to find content and other resources in the new platform by utilizing the browse menu.

WHAT MATTERS: SCN Tip in a Minute: Introducing the "What Matters: Activity" Stream

Discover "What Matters" through an activity stream that feeds you relevant content and information. 

COMMUNICATING: SCN Tip in a Minute: The "What Matters: Communications" stream

Learn about the "What Matters: Communications" stream which has notifications that are created specifically for you.

BLOGGING: SCN Tip in a Minute: Creating a Blog Post

See the simpler, more streamlined way to create blog posts in this new platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our  FAQ SCN .pdf to find quick answers to migration questions.


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