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The following error message is displayed within KM iViews and signifies that the KMC has failed to start up -

 The startup sequence can be disrupted for a large range of reasons. The purpose of this page is to explain how to identify the cause of this issue in your scenario and how to address it.

FSMount Service

If the error message is similar to the one shown below, it would appear to indicate that the issue is due to a misconfiguration of the FSMount Service or Network Paths –


  1. Navigate to System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management
  2. Select 'Global Services'
  3. Select 'Network Paths' -> 'Network Path'
  4. Correct or delete any invalid Network Paths which may be defined here
  5. Restart the J2EE engine
  6. If the issue persists, ensure that the Filesystem Mount Service is activated as outlined in SAP Note 952522

See also the SAP Help Documentation regarding Network Paths

Missing KMC Configuration

If the error message does not reference the FSMount Service but instead looks similar to below, implement the following steps –


  1. Navigate to System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management
  2. Select 'Repository Managers'
  3. There should be several Repository Managers configured under the various Repository types listed here as shown below –
  4. If there are no Repository Managers displayed after clicking on the Topics shown, the KM Configuration is most likely missing.
  5. You can also confirm if this is the case by navigating to Content Management -> Global Service and checking if these are also missing from the System Configuration
  6. If the Repository Managers and/or the Global Services are not available within the system configuration then the issue is most likely occurring due to missing KMC configuration.

The only way to resolve the issue is to recover the configuration by restoring a KMC Configuration Backup Archive as outlined in SAP Note 1000351.

Note - Redeploying the KMC components will not restore the missing KM configuration.

Duplicate Repository Manager Prefix

If the default.trc file generated during the system restart contains an exception similar to that shown below the issue is occurring due to a Repository Manager 'Unique ID' not being unique –


  1. Navigate to System Admin -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management -> Repository Managers
  2. Locate the two Repository Managers in your system which both have the same 'prefix' as referenced in the default.trc exception
  3. Rename one of the duplicate Prefix values to a Unique ID
  4. Save the changes and restart the system

Hot Deployment

If the Knowledge Management Startup error is occurring sporadically or can be temporarily resolved by performing a restart of the J2EE engine, check the default.trc file for the following exception -

Check also if there are multiple startup entries shown in the component monitor by clicking on the 'properties' link for 'system info' and selecting the 'miscellaneous' tab –

If either or both of the above are present in the system it is likely that the issue is due to Hot-Deployment being triggered in the system.

As Hot-Deployment is not supported the custom code responsible for triggering it should be removed or corrected by the developer responsible.

See also SAP Note 894884 for further clarification regarding Hot Deployment of KMC Components.

Redeployment of KMC Components

If none of the scenarios above are applicable and the issue was observed after performing an upgrade of the KMC components, the following steps should be carried out.

  1. Redeploy the relevant KMC SCA files in the following order -
  2. The redeployment should be carried out exactly as outlined in SAP Note 895523 - Redeployment of KMC via SDM - For Netweaver systems

Note - Special care should be taken to follow Step 3 of the Note when redeploying (select "Update deployed SCAs/SDAs that have the same or older component versions then the selected SCA's/SDA's")

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