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Putting contents in WIKI is very easy.

You have to navigate to the right page and then, you create a page there.

It is simple as that. Now, when you have the contents with you, its upto your discretion in which page to put it.

WIKI KMC Main area contains six main areas.

 1. KM and Collaboration Introduction

Put introductory materials about KM and Collaboration.

 2. Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is a forum sort of page. One can post questions here. And you can expect answers.

 3. Step-By-Step Guides

Developers and consultants who works on KMC area posts various of their experiences.

Generally we are expecting Step by step explanations here

 4. SAP/SDN Help Links/Docs

Follow the links.

 5. Learning Map and Certification

Guys who pursuit the excellence of SAP can watch this forum.

 6. Wiki Blogs / Links

Wiki blogs will be paged here. Interesting SDN blogs can also be linked here.

Now the points part, all the articles you post here or edit any existing page, will be closely watched by an expert team.

Points will be awarded by them. Usually moderators wait for 1 week to examine the content and its user comments. As all

other can use "Request Points" and "Notify Moderator", points will be given taking into consideration of all these factors.

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