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This page explains what is a Hot deployment in the Enterprise portal  and some of the common problems that can occur in Knowledge Management (KM)  due to Hot Deployment and provides you with a platform to start your investigations .


What is a hot deployment ?
In general, hot-deployment describes the ability to exchange code without the need to restart the surrounding container. In a KMC scenario, hot-deployment means the ability to redeploy a KMC component without having to restart the container that loaded this component. As KMC components are wrapped inside a portal application archive (.par file), they use the portal’s deployment and class loading mechanisms, thus making the portal runtime (PRT) the loading container for KMC components. KMC also provides a runtime container called the component runtime (CRT), which is a logical container for KMC components enforcing the programming and service life-cycle model of KMC. The CRT does not actually load the classes of the KMC components but merely delegates this task to the PRT. Detailed information on the hot deployment is available in the SDN article:-

Hot Deployment of KMC Components

Issues caused by Hot Deployment

The end user might see the following symptoms when a Hot deployment occurs:-

  1. The KM might be unavailable altogether and you can see error like "Error during Knowledge Management Startup" on all KM iviews .  
  2. Portal runtime error.An exception occurred while processing your request. Send the exception ID to your portal Administrator. Exception ID: 11:04_03/02/10_0611_3417650 ,Refer to the log file for details about this exception.
  3. Sometimes experiencing intermittent error in the custom KM navigation iView in the Portal system.
    When it happens, the error message is:
    "The iView has timed out. There is no cached content to display. Click 'reload' to retrieve updated content. You may need to wait for the cache to retrieve the content" .
  4. 0utOfMemoryError occurs after hot-deployment of KMC components.
  5. Default trace shows: '...Repository framework startup was not triggered by knowledge management portal service. (Either because hot-deployment occurred or because a faulty custom KM component triggered the startup.)'
  6. Massive tracing in default trace "Error when acquiring central lock", com.sapportals.wcm.service.taskqueue.TaskQueue tries to create a lock with user session lifetime from a non-application thread:'.

How to cross check whether the Hot deployment has happened 

  1. Check in the defaulttrace weather you get any string like “knowledgemanagement portal service. (Either because hot-deployment occurred or because a faulty custom KM component triggered the startup.) 
  2. Check the component monitor.
    System Administration -> Monitoring -> KM -> Component Monitor.
    • Click on the properties of "Systeminfo", choose tab "Miscellaneous".
    • If there's only one entry there, like "_0._startup Wed Oct 19 07:07:50 EDT 2011" everything is okay (no hot deployment).
    • If there is more than one entry then:
      • If the starting times of the entries differ for more than 10 minutes, it is safe to say that hot deployment has been done manually.
      • If the starting times differ for less than 10 minutes, there might be a different cause than manual hot deployment. Further investigation is necessary.
  3. One more important thing is Hot Deployment is not always evident in the component monitor, if you have since restarted then it will not show up there, so the trace file should always  be  checked, it can also happen on individual server nodes so need to check the traces on all nodes. Sometimes you only check the component monitor and not the traces.
  4. There is also one Tool available through which you can check the Hot deployment.
    Tool is  Deployment Checker for KMC
    The Hot Deployment Checker for Knowledge Management & Collaboration (KMC) is a tool for checking whether hot deployment of one or more SAP NetWeaver Portal applications is safe. Based on the way that KMC reacts to hot deployment and in view of the fact that SAP NetWeaver Portal allows transitive references, the deployment of a SAP NetWeaver Portal application that has nothing to do with KMC at first glance may require a system restart. The tool can be deployed directly and used without restarting the server. It is available as a ready-to-use PNNI Augmented Routing (PAR) version.

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  1. Unknown User (cmdlv82)

    Very helpful information, now we always had to get into a downtime mode to deploy java archives but with the hot deployment menthod life in administrating java is easier. If there is a bug or enhancement to existing code we can use this method. Well done!

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    Very useful article. Helped us fix this issue. Informative and to the point. Do share some more like these Shrikant! Thanks!

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    Shrikant, this wiki helped me to understand about the know-how of  hot deployment in EP. Thanks for sharing this info.