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This wiki is step by step guide how to create and customize a Knowledge Management navigation iView.


If you use the Knowledge management as document storage then you will need to browse through knowledge management content. This can be done using the standard Knowledge management content browser but if you want to customize the navigation browser or add it as a part of the portal layout for example in the dynamic navigation you can create a new Knowledge Management  navigation iView.


You have installed Knowledge management and you have administration roles.


  1. Logon to the portal and open Content Administration  ->  Portal Content.
  2. Navigate in the portal content to your preferred folder to create a new iView.
  3. Right click on the folder and select New -> iView -> iView from Template.  From the list of templates select KM Navigation iView and choose Next. Write a name for the iView for example KM Navigation and click Next. Click Finish. See the picture:

  4. Right click on the newly created iView and select Preview. A preview window of the iView is opened. On the top open the context menu of the root folder, in this case it is documents, and select Details. See the following picture:

  5. The details window is opened. Go to Settings drop down menu and choose Presentation. Presentation properties are opened.
  6. Here you can manage which properties of files and folder can be visible in the iView. There are two options here for the modifications: “Apply Settings to All Subfolders” and “Use Settings for All iViews”. The first one should be selected if you want to use this view when you browse through the folders in the root. If this option is not selected the properties will be applied only to the root folder. The second property is used to apply the current settings for all iViews in the system. As it is written this means that this will be set as Preferred Presentation. This option will change the properties of all Knowledge management navigation iViews, so it is preferred not to be selected. For example if you want to remove Rating and Annotations properties from the view for all folders, select them, mark Apply Settings to All Subfolders and click Remove button. See the following picture:

  7. If you want to add new properties in the iView you can click the Add button and new customization window is opened. Here you can select which file properties to be added to the display. For example you can add Description property to the navigation view. From the Show drop down System, find Description property and select the check box in front of it. Click the add button.
  8. If you want you can make additional customizations the view. If the customizations are done you can click on the Save button.
  9. This is the result:
  10. This iView can be attached as a dynamic iView to other iViews and the users can browse in the KM any time.
  11. In the Portal content browse and find the iView to which you want to attach the KM navigation view. Open its dynamic navigation properties window, navigate to the KM navigation iView, right click on it and select Add to Dynamic Navigation. Save the iView and now when you open your iView you will see the navigation in the dynamic navigation panel.

For any questoins, please ask in the comments section...

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