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This page shows one of the main ways to use Web Page Composer to share news with portal users.


 The best place to include news in the portal is the dynamic navigation. This wiki is a step by step guide how to include a web page composer paragraph to the dynamic navigation of an iview. 


You have assigned Web page composer roles.

You have one iView assigned to portal navigation that you want to attach web page composer news to.


Follow these steps:

1.       Open Area Management -> Content Library.

2.       Select Global Shared Content and from the drop down menu choose New -> Paragraph. You can see the picture below:

3.       Enter news text. You can copy text from word and the formatting will be copied also.

4.       Enter file name, for example news, and click on save button. The new paragraph is created. See the picture below:

5.       Click on the context menu of the newly created paragraph and choose Details. See the picture below:

6.       The details window is opened. Choose Settings -> Properties. You can see the picture below:

7.       Open Access Links tab and copy Content Link. You can see the picture below:

8.       Go to Content Administration -> Portal Content Management, open Portal content select your development folder, right click on it and select New -> iView -> iView from Template.

9.     From the list select URL iView and click next.

10.   Enter a name for the new iView and click next.

11.   Now you have to enter the URL of the news paragraph from the WPC. In the Enter URL field enter http://:/

12.   Navigate in the Portal content to your iView to assign the news iView. Right click and choose Open -> Dynamic Navigation.

13.   In the portal content navigation right click on the News iView and choose Add To Dynamic navigation. On the popup click OK. Click on the Save button. Now the news paragraph is assigned as dynamic navigation iView to your iView.

14.   Navigate from the portal navigation to your iView and you will see in the dynamic navigation the newly created Web Page Composer news.

For any questoins, please ask in the comments section.


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