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This Wiki is about publishing shared contents like nightly build reports, organization specific process documents etc which are commonly available for users in company network drives and now in SAP portal based on their roles.

For example we have maintained proposal templates which sales team will use to create proposals for customer and these templates are available on shared network drive in company intranet, however we want that team should also be able to access those documents when they are not in office and we want that they can access these documents using SAP (company) portal.

There are several ways to achieve this, one way is to copy all these contents in SAP KM repository and publish it in portal, other way which is more effective is to create repository for the network drive itself, so whenever a new document added or modified we dont need to copy it back in KM, but with this link content will be automatically availble in KMC.

Below are the steps to do it.

1. Identify the network drive and shared folder.

2. Mount it in SAP Portal Application server if appplication server is on UNIX system. If it is in windows mounting is not required.

3. Login in SAP Portal as administrator, go to system administrator->system configuration.

3. click on Knowledge Management in detailed navigation.

4. In the detail area(Content Management administor tool) click on "Repository Managers"

5. Click on "File System Repository".

6. Press "New" button.

7. provide valid name for repository, provide prefix and then in root directory provide the complete path of shared drive (when portal in installed on windows server) or path of mounted folder in unix(when portal is installed on unix server).

8. After successful creation of the repository of shared drive create an SAP KM document iview to view the speific documents from the shared drive.

So this is the simpler way to provide access to existing documents in network drives instead of moving them in any content repository.

Please let me know your feedback and questions.

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