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In NetWeaver (NW) 7.0x system the /wpccontent repository was specifically for use with WPC (Web Page Composer) 1.0. If you want to index the WPC content in a NW 7.0x system, you have to create an index on /wpccontent repository.

In NW 7.30 or higher releases, the old WPC application is replaced with WPC 2.0 and the content stored in the /wpccontent repository is copied over to the new repositories used by WPC 2.0 (Staging Area and Global Shared Content) and transformed so that it is usable/compatible with the new application. Once the content has been migrated from the /wpccontent repository to the new repositories, this repository becomes redundant and the content is no longer usable in the WPC application.

The WPC content in a NW 7.30 or above system cannot be indexed in the same manner as standard KM repositories. If you want to index the WPC content in a 7.30 system or above, then it will be necessary to do so via the exact steps outlined in the following help documentation:

Configuring the Search for Web Pages

While doing the steps in the document, you might encounter some issues.

Here I will describe the possible issues and their solutions.



You encounter the issue at step: "Connect a New Filter to the Web Repository"

When you go to  System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management, the "Repository Filters" is missing.


Although the "Repository Filters" subarea is missing in some systems, please check if you can find the "CRM Namespace Filters".

If you can find the "CRM Namespace Filters" subarea, please use it and continue the step in the document.




While going through the config steps in "Create a new Index", step 7 where it asks to select portal_indexing_wr and portal_indexing_ws, you are unable to find the "portal_indexing_ws", although it exists in Content Management.

Portal_indexing_ws exists in Content management:

Portal_indexing_ws is not shown here:


According to the document perhaps you expect to add the two sources ( "portal_indexing_wr" and "portal_indexing_ws"), but it is impossible because the web repository – “portal_indexing_wr” contains the web site – “portal_indexing_ws” i.e. the web site – “portal_indexing_ws” is into the web repository – “portal_indexing_wr”.

You can check it in step 7 in the documentation: quote: “7.Select "portal_indexing_wr" and then choose "portal_indexing_ws" and choose OK” i.e. when you enter into the “portal_indexing_wr” then you can chose “portal_indexing_ws".




You encounter an issue at the "Configure Delta Indexing" step:

You have to select "" in the module list, but it cannot be found in your system:


If you don't have "", please use "" instead.




You encounter an issue at the "Configure Delta Indexing" step:

You don't know what value you should add to "UpdateInterval(minutes)" property. By default it is set to -1.


You can set the "UpdateInterval(minutes)" parameter to specify how often would you like an update on the indexes.
e.g. if you want it in every hour, please set it to 60, or if you want an update in every 5 hours, set it to 300.
The value depends on your scenario, or on your needs.

You can also set the property "enableQuickLinkInSearchResults" to “true”, if you want to see the quick link too.
Please see the following blog:




You encounter an issue at the "Configure the Search UI" step:

When you select "km.appl.portal.indexing.framework" in the module list, and then select "IndexPropertiesServiceWrapper", you are not able to find "ActivatePortalSearch" in the Full Details section.


If this property is missing in your system, then something went wrong during the upgrade/deployment process, therefore you don't have the property.

The "km.appl.portal.indexing.framework" module belongs to KMC-CM component.

Please redeploy the KMC-CM component in your system to get the missing property.

The following KBA's can help you:

SAP KBA 1771843 - How to identify and search the latest patch level for a Netweaver Java Component
SAP KBA 2506410 - How to find the download links for KMC components?
SAP KBA 1715441 - Deploy/Undeploy/Force Redeploy EAR/WAR/SDA/SCA files on SAP servers:7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4,7.5


If you encounter other issues during the configuration for indexing WPC, please open an incident on component EP-PIN-WPC.






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