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This article will provide you with possible solutions to solve problems caused by the KMC_DBRM_CONTENT filling portal DB up.



Often the portal users face performance and other types if issues because the KMC_DBRM_CONTENT table occupies a large part of the portal DB.


Contents of the Table

 A seemingly possible solution would be to clean up the KMC_DBRM_CONTENT table to reduce its size. But what content should be removed from the table? Is it advisable to remove any content from it? What will be the consequences ?  Let's try to answer these questions.

First, it is important to know what content does the KMC_DBRM_CONTENT table stores. This table stores all the content located in the KM repositories with DB persistence mode.

Why does it have such a huge size ?

The size of the table is most likely due to a large amount of content being stored in the various KM repositories on the portal. It is often the case for example that some reports are configured to run on a regular schedule and over time the amount of content stored in the reporting repository can become quite large.


Possible Solutions

If much of the content is obsolete and not required then such files can be deleted.

In such a scenario we would advise cleaning up this repository using the mass delete report. The same would apply for any other large quantities of content which are no longer required but are stored in the various KM repositories. You can delete such redundant content from DB RMs using the mass delete report.

Delete - Administration Reports - SAP Library


But if it is required to keep the content then the size can be reduced as follows:

In that case create a file system repository and move the obsolete files to it using the mass copy report. This will free up portal DB space.

Copy - Administration Reports - SAP Library


Known Solutions

In case all the content has been moved but still the KMC_DBRM_CONTENT table still continues to grow and fill up portal DB then it is very likely that one of the 3 notes - 196666919898572011275 will solve the issue.


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