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Many experts have already posted articles and blogs about Knowledge Management and Collaboration on the SDN and other online magazines. Find here a collection of some of the most interesting. One can put their own Blogs as a New page here. Viewers can add comments to it and also send feedback to moderators.

Knowledge Management blogs

Featured Blogs 

  1. Web Page Composer - a new Way to create and publish Web Pages in the Portal (Part I)
  2. How to write a Search Application using the KM Indexmanagement API for TREX
  3. News from SAP NetWeaver Portal: Wikis Included in Product Offering

Interesting Blogs

  1. Flexible UI component development demystified
  2. Access NetWeaver How-to Guides From One Consolidated Page
  3. EP KM Flex UI : Filtering your resources
  4. Using OTH for launching Web DynPro Application from UWL, Recent Notification or directly from KM Folder.
  5. What you need to know about the new forums in SAP NetWeaver Collaboration
  6. Give Us Your Feedback on Forums in SAP NetWeaver Portal
  7. How to download KM documents using Web Dynpro Java
  8. Running NetWeaver Portal in Google Chrome
  9. How to exclude specific documents from indexing and searching
  10. How to search through SAP Help within Enterprise Portal

Complete Knowledge Management Notes