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Web Page Composer Documentation

This section provides an overview of the WPC documentation and is structured sequentially, so that you can easily find what you need.

WPC Installation and Update Note:

WPC is a Portal Add-on application. Therefore it is not part of the SAP NetWeaver Installation and should be installed/updated separately on top of the current SAP NetWeaver Portal Installation.

  • EP Usage type
  • Knowledge Management
    For further details on the installation/update procedure, refer to SAP Note 1080110.

WPC General Documentation:

  • Concepts - Describes the general concepts of Web Sites, Role and Tools related to the Web Page Composer

WPC Administration Documentation:

  • Initial Configuration - Describes all the initial tasks that you have to perform to get WPC running.
  • Creating New Page Layouts - Describes how to create custom page layouts for the Web Page Composer. In this section you will learn how to setup the project in the developer Studio, and how to configure KM and the Portal Content Studio so that the new page layout gets active.
  • Creating New Web Forms - Describes how to create you own web forms.
  • Integrating Web Sites in the Portal Navigation - Describes the procedure you should perform to enable users to access a web site through the portal.
  • Transporting Web Sites - Describes how to use the standard transport function of Knowledge Management to transport Web sites, Web pages, and Web content.

WPC End User Documentation:

  • Organize the Folder Structure of a Web Site - Describes how to create a web site, define its permissions and specific entry points.
  • Creating Web Content - Describes how to use the standard web forms delivered by SAP to create content within web pages. Here you will find a detailed description of each standard web form (for example, article editor, banner editor, etc.) and a step by step tutorial for creating an article.
  • Creating Web Pages - Describes all relevant procedures when you create a web page. For instance, adding web content, publishing, checking link consistency, enabling versioning and so on.
  • Create a Site Navigation Structure - Here you will find information about the different possible variants for creating and arranging your site navigation structure.

Customizing WPC

This section of the wiki is intentionally kept separate as it will provide information on how to extend and make the tool meet better the requirements of your scenario.
For more information, see: Customizing the Web Page Composer

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