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The purpose of this page is to clarify the reason why the program does not accept the 48 digit barcodes in FB02.


Having a wider knowledge about why the program does not accept it can help you to avoid issues with the users and also analyze another solution to meet your company requirements.
In the following sections you will be able to understand better this process.

Boleto description

Boleto is a financial document, similar to a proforma invoice, issued by a bank and it is used to bill the customers with the exact amount due to the vendor specifying a reference and a due date. It also has a barcode that can be read in ATM's and scanners in order to identify the reference for the payment. For information systems a numerical representation of the barcode is used to identify the reference.

The information in the printed barcode of the boleto is not exactly equal to the digits printed in it. The barcode represents 44 digits and the printed digits ( called "linha digitável" ) may be 47 or 48 digits ( this information contains the check digits ).

In Brazil there are two types of boletos: - Bank Boletos and Public Concessionaries Boletos.

FB02 screen and structure

In transaction FB02 the boleto number (barcode number) is entered in the vendor's line item of the account payable document. In this case the field is RF05L-BRCDE and it has only 47 as length in the structure definition. 


In the standard program only the bank boletos can be used.

The information in the barcode of a boleto is not exactly equal to the digits printed on it. The barcode contains 44 digits and the digits printed (called 'Campos Digitáveis'​​) contains 47 or 48 digits.

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