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This wiki article is intended to present the detailed layout of the bank statement file payment remittance  (Pagamento remessa Bradesco).


The section below will describe all the fields needed for the records of payment remittance (Pagamento remessa) file: File Header, Lot Header, Lot Trailler, and File Trailler.


Header Record

Field NameStructureLengthTypeSource Description
Ident. do registroJ_1BDMEAH-H010C1"0" 
Ident. da empresaJ_1BDMEAH-H021NC8t045t-dtaidCompany Id at bank
Tipo de ident.J_1BDMEAH-H039C1"2"Inscription type (CGC)
Ident clien pagad.J_1BDMEAH-H0410NC15j_1bwfiled-cgc_numberCGC number
NomeJ_1BDMEAH-H0525C40hlp_sadr-name1Brach name
Tipo servicoJ_1BDMEAH-H0665NC2"20"Service type: foreign payment
Codigo origemJ_1BDMEAH-H0767C1"1"Payment from company
RemessaJ_1BDMEAH-H0868NC5reguh-ubnkl+4/agencyBank key of house bank
RetornoJ_1BDMEAH-H0973NC5hlp_resultat+3(5)help number for RFDT
DataJ_1BDMEAH-H1078C8sy-datumactual date (DDMMYYYY)
HoraJ_1BDMEAH-H1186C6sy-uzeitactual time
Unid densJ_1BDMEAH-H1397C3  
Numero sequen.J_1BDMEAH-H19494NC6"000001"Record number

Lot Header

Ident. do registroJ_1BDMEAA-A010C1"1" 
Tipo ident.J_1BDMEAA-A021C1hlp_stkzn/"1" or "2" or "3"Inscription type busines partner ("01" for CPF, "02" for CGC, "3" others
IdentificacaoJ_1BDMEAA-A032NC15hlp_taxcode+3(9),"0000",Case1: hlp_stkzn = 1: tax number businessr
    hlp_taxcodeCase2: hlp_stkzn = 2: tax number business partner
NomeJ_1BDMEAA-A0417C30reguh-koinhName of account holder bank business partner
EndJ_1BDMEAA-A0547C40reguh-zstraStreet and house number business partner
CepJ_1BDMEAA-A0687NC5reguh-zpstl(5)Zip code
Cep compl.J_1BDMEAA-A0792C3reguh-zpstl+6Complement zip code
Cod bancoJ_1BDMEAA-A0895NC3regup-esrnr(3)(boleto) or reguh-zbnklBank code business partner 
Cod agenc.J_1BDMEAA-A0998NC5regup-esrnr+4(4)Case payment form 31 (boleto) and business partner bank also bradesco: agency
    reguh-zbnkl/partner_agencyOther cases: Agency of business partner
Dig. Agenc.J_1BDMEAA-A10103C1reguh-zbkonNo boleto payment: Control digit for agency of business partner
Conta corr.J_1BDMEAA-A11104NC13regup-esrre+13(7)Case payment form 31 and business partners bank also bradesco: Account business partner at bradesco
    reguh-zbnk/hlp_char13Other cases: Bank key business partner (w/o control digits)
Dig. C/CJ_1BDMEAA-A12117C2hlp_control or reguh-zbkonNo boleto payment: Control digit for Bank account business partner
Num. Pagto/baseJ_1BDMEAA-A13119C16reguh-vblnrDocument number payment document
sufixoJ_1BDMEAA-A14135C3"0", regup-esrnr+8(1), regup-esrre(1)Case payment form 31 and business partners bank also bradesco: carteira data I
Ano N/NumJ_1BDMEAA-A15138NC3regup-esrre+1(2)Case payment form 31 and business partners bank also bradesco: year from boleto
Nosso numeroJ_1BDMEAA-A16141NC9regup-esrre+3(7),regup-esrre+11(2)Case payment form 31 and business partners bank also bradesco: nosso numero from boleto
Seu numeroJ_1BDMEAA-A17150C15reguh-vblnrDocument number payment document
Data venc.J_1BDMEAA-A18165C8duedateCase payment form 30 or 31 (boleto): due date
    reguh-valutOther cases: valuta date
Data emisJ_1BDMEAA-A19173C8regup-bldatCase payment form 30 or 31 (boleto): document date as emission date
    reguh-valutother cases: valuta date as emission date
Data lim. DescJ_1BDMEAA-A20181C8reguh-valutonly for no bolteo payment and diskonto non-zero: base line for diskonto
Valor doctoJ_1BDMEAA-A21189NC15regup-dmbtr  Case payment form 30 or 31 (boleto): loc.Curr. 
    ( if regup-esrre+23(3) is space)Nomianl amount if boleto cont. Amount
    reguh-rbetr+reguh-rskonOther cases: Amount really paid plus diskonto
Valor pagtoJ_1BDMEAA-A22204NC15reguh-rbetrAmount really paid
Valor descJ_1BDMEAA-A23219NC15reguh-rskonDiskonto of payment payment (space for boletos without amount)
Valor acresJ_1BDMEAA-A24234NC15  
Tipo docJ_1BDMEAA-A25249NC2"04" (regular); "05" (credit note)document type
Num doc.J_1BDMEAA-A26251NC10regup-xblnr, regup-buzeiCase payment form 30 or 31 (boleto): number of nota fiscal and posting line
    reguh-vblnrOther cases: Document number payment document
Mod. PagtoJ_1BDMEAA-A28263NC2payment_formpayment form (01,02,03,10,30,31)
Data efetivJ_1BDMEAA-A29265C8reguh-valutvaluta date
MoedaJ_1BDMEAA-A30273C3reguh-waers (now SPACE)Currency
Sit. agdmJ_1BDMEAA-A31276C2  
Inf. Ret.J_1BDMEAA-A32278C10  
Tipo MovtoJ_1BDMEAA-A33288C1"0"Includes new items flag
Cod. MovtoJ_1BDMEAA-A34289NC2"00"Authorization flag
End. do sac.J_1BDMEAA-A35291C40  
Sac. aval.J_1BDMEAA-A36331C40  
    regup-sgtxtCase payment form 02: Instruction text
    "C00000007"Case payment form 03: whats that
     Case payment form 31: Campo livre plus control digit.
     Other payment forms: space
Num seqJ_1BDMEAA-A42494NC6cnt_records + 1Record counter plus header

File Trailler

Cod. regJ_1BDMEAT-T010C1"9"Register Identification
Qtde. reg.J_1BDMEAT-T023NC6cnt_records + 2Total number of records (inclusive Header and Trailer
Tot. vlr. pagtoJ_1BDMEAT-T037NC17sum_abschlussTotal sum of amounts paid (reguh-rbetr)
Num. Seq.J_1BDMEAT-T0513NC6cnt_records + 2Total number of records (inclusive Header and Trailer

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