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In consignment processing, the vendor provides materials and stores them on your premises.

The vendor remains the legal owner of the material until you withdraw materials from the consignment stores.

Only then does the vendor require payment.

The invoice is due at set periods of time, for example, monthly.

In addition, you can also arrange with the vendor that you take over ownership of he remaining consignment material after a certain period of time.

The following section will explain the consignment scenario that is covered by the localization solution. 

Standard Process Flow

  1. ME21N - Purchase Order Creation
  2. MIGO_GR - Goods Receipt
  3. MIGO_GI - Good Issue
  4. MIRO - Invoice Receipt


  • Nota Fiscal for consignment should be configure following the SPRO path below, example of configuration as per screenshot below:
  1. Cross-Application Components 

  2. General Application Functions 
  3. Nota fiscal 

  4. Define Nota Fiscal Types

  • The movements used in this process should be configure following the path below, example of configuration as per screenshot below:
  1. Access transaction J1BTAX

  2. Enter country BR
  3. Nota Fiscal
  4. Inventory Management
  5. MM-IV: Nota Fiscal Relevance
  6. MOVEMENTS 821 AND 822 
  7. Or access via view J_1BIM02V


  • Create a specific consignment storage location via transaction OX09.


ME21N - Purchase Order Creation

  • Indicator “GR-Based IV” must be flagged on invoive tab of PO.

  • Suggestion of tax code K6 (it includes IC1C - ICMS clearing and IP1C IPI clearing).

MIGO_GR - Goods Receipt 

  • Movement 821
  • Storage Location created for consignment material (transaction OX09), should be entered here. 
  • Suggestion of tax code K5 (for tax calculation).
  • In 'delivery note' field you will enter the Nota Fiscal number of goods receipt received.

   MIGO_GI - Goods Issue 

  • At this step you will create the consumption of the consignment material.
  • Movement  type to be used 201 - Goods Issue for Consignment 
  • Start by selecting goods issue + other. 
  • You will need to fill the tabs: material, quantity, where and the account assignment. 

   MIRO - Invoice Receipt

  • In 'Reference' field you will enter the Nota Fiscal number.
  • You may change the material quantity and amount if necessary. 
  • Here the NF type created for consignment will be used. In this example X2. 

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