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This wiki article is intended to present the detailed layout of the bank statement (Extrato) with Febraban format.


The section below will describe all the fields needed for the records of the Febraban Statement (Extrato) file: File Header,  Lot Header, Segment E, Lot Trailler, and File Trailler.

File Header

Field NameStructureLengthTypeSourceDescription
Controle bancoJ_1BDMEXH1-H1010C3febko-absnd(3)/febvw-bankl(3)Bank code
Controle loteJ_1BDMEXH1-H1023NC4"0000"Lot Counter
Controle registroJ_1BDMEXH1-H1037C1"0"Flag for file header
Empresa insc.J_1BDMEXH1-H10517C1"2"Inscription type (CGC)
Empresa numeroJ_1BDMEXH1-H10618NC14febko-ktoihCGC number: Statement accont holder
empresa convenioJ_1BDMEXH1-H10732C20 Identification number at bank
Conta correnteJ_1BDMEXH1-H10852NC5Agency/febko-absnd+3(5)/Agency (bank key)
Conta DVJ_1BDMEXH1-H10957C1 control digit for agency
Conta numeroJ_1BDMEXH1-H11058NC12febko-ktonr/febko-absnd+15account number without control digits
Conta numero DVJ_1BDMEXH1-H11170C1add to febko-ktonr (if filled)control digit for account number
DVJ_1BDMEXH1-H11271C1add to febko-ktonr (if filled)control digit for agency/account
Nome da empresaJ_1BDMEXH1-H11372C30 Brach name
Nome do bancoJ_1BDMEXH1-H114102C30 Name of house bank
Arquivo codigoJ_1BDMEXH1-H116142C1"2"means RETORNO (return file)
Data de gen.J_1BDMEXH1-H117143C8febko-azdat/febko-azidt(8)creation date (DDMMYYYY): statement date
Hora de gen.J_1BDMEXH1-H118151C6febko-azidt+8(6)creation time: statement date
sequenciaJ_1BDMEXH1-H119157NC9febko-aznum (no extrato)File number and version used for statement 
    /febko-emkey(6)(always)+ "030"key
Reservado BancoJ_1BDMEXH1-H121171C20  
reservado empresaJ_1BDMEXH1-H121191C20  

Lot Header

Codigo do bancoJ_1BDMEXH2-H2010C3 Bank Code 
Codigo do loteJ_1BDMEXH2-H2023NC4febko-ktosb+6(4)Lot counter (sequential): spec.. account name
Tipo de registroJ_1BDMEXH2-H2037C1"1"Flag for lot header
Tipo de operacaoJ_1BDMEXH2-H2048C1"E"Extrato
Tipo de servicioJ_1BDMEXH2-H2059NC2"04"/ febko-ktosb+14Indentifier: Extrato: account spec name
Forma de lancJ_1BDMEXH2-H20611NC2febko-ktosb+11account spec name
Layout do loteJ_1BDMEXH2-H20713C3"020 "layout version number
Empresa inscricaoJ_1BDMEXH2-H20816C1  
Tipo da empresoJ_1BDMEXH2-H20917C1"2" or "1"CGC (2)  or CPF(1)
Num. da empresaJ_1BDMEXH2-H21018NC15  
Cod. con. bancoJ_1BDMEXH2-H21133C20 Identification number at bank
Cod. AgenciaJ_1BDMEXH2-H21253NC5 Agency (bank key)
DVJ_1BDMEXH2-H21358C1 Ceck digit for agency
Conta numeroJ_1BDMEXH2-H21459NC12 Account number at bank
DVJ_1BDMEXH2-H21571C1 Contol digit for account number
DVJ_1BDMEXH2-H21672C1 Control digit for agency/account number
Nome da empresaJ_1BDMEXH2-H21773C30 Brach name
Inf. 1J_1BDMEXH2-H218103C40 Information 1
Data do soldo inilot_header_e-datum_ini143C8 Date for initial balance
Valor do saldo inilot_header_e-valor_ini151NC18febko-ssbtrInitial balance: Start saldo
Situacao do saldolot_header_e-dcind_ini169C1"D" or "C"/febko-ssvoz ("S" or "H")Initial deb/cred ind.: Satement debit/credit
Statuslot_header_e-stats_ini170C1 Initial status
Tipo de moedalot_header_e-currency171C3 Currency
Sequencia lot_header_e-extra_nr174C5febko-aznum/febko-emkey+6sequ. Number: statement number+G45

Segment E

Codigo do bancoitems_e-e010C3 Bank Code 
Codigo do loteitems_e-e023NC4 Lot counter (sequential)
Tipo de reg.items_e-e037C1"3"Flag for standard record
Numero do regis.items_e-e048NC5 record counter per lot (sequential)
Codigo do segmitems_e-e0513C1"E"seg+G249ment name
Brancositems_e-e0715C2 ("01" for CPF, "02" for CGC)
Numero de inscr.items_e-e0817C1 tax number of company
Cod conta corritems_e-e1032C20 Bank code 
DVitems_e-e1152NC5 control digit for account number
Bairroitems_e-e1257C1 District of business partner
Cidadeitems_e-e1358NC12 City of business partner
Cepitems_e-e1470C1 Zip code business partner
Compl. Cepitems_e-e1571C1 Complement zip code
Estadoitems_e-e1672C30 Region business partner
Data do lanc.items_e-post_dat142C8febep-budat (if filled)/febep-valut 
Valor do lancitems_e-amount150NC18febep-kwbtr (add to febep-sumso Item amount
    or febep-sumha) 
Tipo lanc.items_e-dcind168C1"D" or "C"/febep-epvoz ("S" or "H")Debit/credit indicator
categoriaitems_e-category169C3febep-vgextReturn code: Extranal trans code
Cod banco lancitems_e-tcode_ba172C4  
No documentoitems_e-xblnr201C20febep-chect/febep-xblnr/febre-vwezwReference doc number

Lot Trailler

Cod. Do bancoJ_1BDMEXT2-T2010C3 Bank code
Codigo do loteJ_1BDMEXT2-T2023NC4 Lot counter (sequential)
Tipo de registroJ_1BDMEXT2-T2037C1"5"Flag for lot trailer
 J_1BDMEXT2-T20859 up to pos. 102 
Limite da contaLot_trailer_e-ac_limit106NC18 Account limit
Valor bloqueadoLot_trailer_e-bal_blck124NC18 Amount blocked
Data do sal. fin.Lot_trailer_e-datum_end142C8 Date of final saldo
Valor do sal. finLot_trailer_e-valor_end150NC18febko-esbtrFinal saldo: Final saldo
SituacaoLot_trailer_e-dcind_end168C1"D" or "C"/febko-esvoz ("S" or "H")Situation (debit/credit): Satement debit/credit 
StatusLot_trailer_e-stats_end169C1 Status 
Quant. de registrLot_trailer_e-nr_record170NC6 Number of records
Valor debitosLot_trailer_e-totdebit176NC18 Total amount debit
Valor creditosLot_trailer_e-totcredit194NC18 Total amount credit

File Trailler

Controle bancoJ_1BDMEXT1-T1010C3 Bank code
Controle loteJ_1BDMEXT1-T1023NC4"9999" 
Controle registroJ_1BDMEXT1-T1037C1"9"Flag for file trailer
Quant. de lotesJ_1BDMEXT1-T10517NC6 Lot counter
Quant. de registr.J_1BDMEXT1-T10623NC6 Record conter per file
Quant. contas conJ_1BDMEXT1-T10729C211"000000" 

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