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Future delivery is the scenario of when you purchase goods but must pay before the vendor delivers the goods. 

This process involves two Notas Fiscais: one is the invoice, and the other is to accompany the goods.

The following section will explain the step-by-step of this process using Incoming Automation with SAP NFE (GRC).


Standard Process Flow

The manual process is described in WIKI - Future Delivery Overview Process.

The future delivery process has two flows:

FUTDELIV - invoice receipt

  1. SIGNATUR - Signature Check
  2. AUTHORIZ - Authorization Check
  3. FDIVVALD - Validation of invoice 
  4. FDASSIGN - Purchase order assignment
  5. NSIMFDIV  - Invoice/ NFE simulation
  6. ACCNOTIF - Notification of Successful Processing
  7. RECDANFE - Enter Danfe
  8. FDIVPOST - Posting of invoice and NFE 
  9. SENDOPCO - Create operation confirmation

FUTDELGR - goods receipt

  1. SIGNATUR - Signature Check     
  2. AUTHORIZ - Authorization Check     
  3. FDELVALD - Validation of invoice     
  4. POASSREF <<< purchase order assignment     
  5. NSIMFDGR <<< simulation of goods receipt  
  6. FDDELCRE <<< future inbound delivery creation
  7. ACCNOTIF - Notification of Successful Processing
  8. RECDANFE - Enter Danfe
  9. AUTHGRPT     
  10. GRCONFQU    
  11. GRFICHCK    
  12. GRMMCHCK    
  13. FDGRPOST <<< goods receipt posting     
  14. SENDOPCO    

**This can be found for any scenario on via table /XNFE/PROCFLOW, on GRC.


Debug Tips

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