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Using the logic explained in this wiki article you will be able to find the source information for every field in the text file generated by programs RFFOBR_A/D/U/V


The localized programs for Brazil are RFFOBR_A/D/U/V and they were developed to generate the Itau, Bradesco and Febraban formats. In the section below you will find an explanation showing how to find the source information that is used to build the DME file.

How to check the information

In this example the program RFFOBR_U will be used and we will search for the field 'Identificacao' (CNPJ = 2, CPF = 1) from the header register:


1 - Open the program in SE38:

2 - After that it is necessary to find the form that has the routine that fills the fields for the Brazilian file (in our case it is form DME_BRAZIL):


After a double click in the form the program will take you to the beggining of the form (where the declaration of the structures with the field format is)

3 - The structures J_1BDME* have the detailed description of the fields that are used to build the DME file. A double click in the structure will take you to its definition in SE11. In this case, the header of the file uses the structure J_1BDMEXH1.



4 - Here you can check the information from field 'Identificação' (CNPJ or CPF) is in H105 (column component). With this field name it is time to go back to the program and use the search (CTRL+F) to see where the field is being filled:



After searching the program will bring you the point in the code where the information is mapped to the structure:


5 - In this example the information was hard-coded as '2'. Using the logic explained in this article you will be able to find the source information for every fields in the text file.


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