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The purpose of this page is to describe the returnable packaging process with two Notas Fiscais, showing the process flow, main configurations and SAP Notes related.


The following sections will explain step by step how to do a returnable packaging process with two Notas Fiscais, explaining the configuration behind this process and showing some tips that could help during documents creation.

Returnable Packaging Process

The Returnable Packaging Process involving two Notas Fiscais means that the supplier of the goods will send one Nota Fiscal containing the material and another Nota Fiscal with the returnable package. In this process after receiving the material Nota Fiscal in MIGO and MIRO, the Nota Fiscal of the packages can be received via MIGO. After that, it's possible to return the packages via MIGO too. The process flow described below will cover the process using MIGO in the return of the packages to the supplier.


For this process, it is necessary to configure the view J_1BIM02V in order to enable the movement type 841 to create Nota Fiscal.

Process Flow

1 - Purchase Order via ME21N

Access ME21N and enter with the Vendor, Material, Plant and Tax Code fields. In tab Invoice, it is mandatory to check the flag 'GR-Bsd IV '.

2 - Goods Receipt via MIGO

In this step, the goods receipt will be processed without the package used to transport the material because it will be delivered with another Nota Fiscal. Access MIGO and enter with the Purchase Order number, the delivery note and check the item as 'ok'. After that save the document.


3 - Invoice Receipt via MIRO for material

In this step, the invoice receipt will be processed without the package used to transport the material. Access MIRO and enter with the relevant information like purchase order number, the delivery note, date, value and NF type. Check the Nota Fiscal and save the document.

The process to enter the material in the company finished. Now it is necessary to enter with the package that was sent by the supplier in another Nota Fiscal.

4 - Good receipt via MIGO for the package

In this step, the incoming of the package is processed using MIGO and movement type 841 M. Inform all the relevant fields, check the Nota Fiscal and save the document. The returnable package will be maintained in the special stock (supplier). 

5 - Return the package to a supplier

In this step, the package will be send back to the supplier. Access MIGO fill the relevant fields and use movement type 842 M. Press 'Enter'. 

Inform the vendor, the material (package) and quantity.

Press 'Enter' again and fill all the relevant information as shown below. Press 'Enter'.

The 'Nota Fiscal' button will be displayed as shown below:

Verify the Nota Fiscal created to return the package to the vendor. Press back button and save the document.


The returnable package process with two Notas Fiscais is completed.

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