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This scenario is for transfers where the material has left the plant and/or a NF was generated. In this case you must use the return process. 

** Inter/Cross Company is not supported because it has not been localized.

Customizings for STO Return


  • On transaction SM30, view J_1BIM03V. Delivery type ‘WL’ must be set to NF relevant.


  • On transaction SM30, view J_1BIM02V. movement type 671, field NF rel. must be filled with 'U'. 


  • On transaction SM30, view V_T161V_WF, delivery type must be set NLR and Item Type NLRN;
  • Or through transaction SPRO:
    1. The assignment of the delivery types is in the IMG path:
    2. Materials Management
    3. Purchasing
    4. Purchase Order    
    5. Returns Order
    6. Store Return / Return Plant to Plant


  • Tax Code Configuration on J1BTAX. Each column refers to the tax code that will be used in each document of the STO process. 


Standard Process flow

To create the return you must have already created:

  • STO via ME21N
  • Delivery via VL10B
  • Posted good issue VL02N with movement 862.

If you need help how to perform these steps you may use our STO page, but make sure you do not post the goods receipt on MIGO (the last step on our wiki STO page).

Then after you performed this process then you are ready to create the STO return.  

1) To start the Full or Partial Return: Create a new STO on ME21N

Choose order type 'UB' and enter the necessary information, such as material, supplying plant, quantity and receiving plant, the same information that were entered on the first purchase order. You can only change here the quantity to return. In this example we will do a full return. 

Important: On the line item is necessary to check 'Returns Item' flag (Screen field MEPO1211-RETPO), as shown below:

Save purchase order and copy the number generated. 

2) Generate Delivery on VL10B

Choose the purchase order tab and enter the just created STO and execute.

Then the screen below will appear, choose the line item created and click on Background button. This action will create the delivery.

3) Edit Delivery on VL02N and post the outbound

To post your outbound you can either go through the shortcut of VL10B screen or going on VL02N and entering the delivery that you just created.  

Once the document opens Goto >> > Header >> > Administration, as shown below:


On the administration tab you will need to fill the field ‘Ext. Delivery’ with the delivery number of the original PO (not the return PO).

If you doesn’t know the delivery number of the original PO you can get the number going to original purchase order and via "Purchase Order History" tab copy delivery number

Important: fill this field with 10 digits (use leading zeroes if necessary):


On the administration tab you can also see the Delivery Type NLR being used.


Back to item overview, if you go to tab Goods Movement Data, you can see Item Category NLRN and movement type 671* standard core movement used for this scenario specifically.


Save the delivery.

4) Post Return Delivery

Access again, via VL02N, delivery document and click on Post Goods Issue button.

Posting will be completed and you can check now your PO return history to see the documents created. 

Debug Tips

  • Variable  RETPO is the return flag set on the PO it could be used as a watchpoint.
  • SE38>>>LJ1BNTF1  for delivery search related.
  • SE80>>>Function Group>>>J1BN>>>Function Module>>> J_1B_IM_TX_CALCULATE_TAX_NEW
    For all calculation routines related to material movement can be see in this FM and it is where it starts the interface with FI.
  • SE37>>>Function Module>>> CALCULATE_TAX_ITEM
    Where the KOMP and KONK will be filled. 
  • SE80>>> Function Group>>>J1BF>>>Include LJ1BFF01 
  • In this include the NF is created. 

  • SE80>>> Function Group>>>MBGB>>> Subroutine>>> FORM AUSGABE (INCLUDE LMBGBFSU)
    This include you can find out issues regarding accounting posting and the famous balance error. 

Related Documents

Stock Transport Order (STO)

Check out the SCN post in Portuguese about STO Returns scenario for additional information.

Check out the SCN post in English about STO Returns scenario for additional information.

Related Notes/KBAs

Most important note related to configuration is this scenario is SAP Note 1512390.

1512390 - Stock Transfer: Full/Partial Return of Transit Stock

2133551- Full/Partial return of STO gets rejected by SEFAZ (NF-e without reference of wrong CFOP <-> funNFe)

1358750 - Stock Transfer: Full/Partial Return of Transit Stock

888805 - CBT:Stock transfer with stock transport order

199233 - Transfer with stock transfer order



  1. Unknown User (f7w1wd0)

    Hi Carla, I´ve tried do the same you do in this documentation, but occurs a Wrong message bellow:

    Deficit of PU GR quantity 1.000 S50 : 6054231 4094 1200 Message no. M7021

    It´s something like there isn´t transit Stock, but when I saw through the transaction MB5T the Transit Stock is there.

    Here in Brazil localization we have Nota Fiscal in this process, and in your documentation you just talk about Nota Fiscal in the customization of the Operation Type WL, but when you generate a material document you don´t talk anything about Nota Fiscal.

     I believe that someone had the same problem and talk about it with you....

    Thanks and congratulation about the posts....

  2. Hi Jose,

    I added here the screen shot showing the Nota Fiscal generated by movement type 671.

    To get rid of this error use document types below to create the delivery:
    For Cross Company delivery type NCR - Item Type NCRN
    For Intra Company delivery type NLR - Item Type NLRN

    Thanks for your comments, it helps us to improve our pages.



  3. Unknown User (f7w1wd0)

    Hi Carla,

    Here, my process is Intra Company, so i saw that i´m using the Delivery type NLR and Item type NLRN. Even so the error message continued.

    Do you see anything more that I do.....


  4. Unknown User (z08nxx0)

    Hello Jose, 

    I am facing the same error and found no solution yet. Did you manage to solve it? Could you please share with me if yes?

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Unknown User (f7w1wd0)

    Hi Angelica,

    I´m with a call in SAP support, so when they answer it, I´ll tell you here.


  6. Unknown User (z08nxx0)


    Thank you very much, I am waiting the news :).

  7. Unknown User (f7w1wd0)

    Hi Carla,

       Which configurations did you put in the moviment type 671 to become it right to the informations of Brazilian localizations?


                            Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Nota Fiscal->Maintain Nota Fiscal Category Derivation

       What is the CFOP did you using ? Did you have any problem with the brazilian taxes?

    Thanks a lot...

  8. Former Member

    Hi Carla, congratulations for the explanation for this process.

    I realized that you do not fill the price for the transfer. Which price system is considering ? Periodic Unit Price (actual)l or standard price ?

  9. Former Member

    Hello Carla. Very useful your explanation but you forgot some steps to the process work correctly.

    Before create the goods receipt in the return delivery, you must receive the first delivery in the destination plant. You can do with the MB0A with the movement type 101 to NOT create Nota fiscal.

    Then, after you create the return purchase order, you must create the goods receipt in the MIGO (or similar) transaction with the movement type 161. 

    After this, it is possible to create the goods return in the return delivery. The problem is that when try to do the goods receipt, the Nota Fiscal asks for the number of the reference nota fiscal and I do not have field in the delivery to put this information.


  10. Former Member


    Well..nobody do comments about this issue in taxes side due the price used is the standard price !!!

    Is there any champion here ???? (smile)

    1. Former Member

      Frederick, it will use your stock price.


      1. Former Member

        Hi Felipe, thx for you response, but the question remains. which stock price ? standard or actual (periodic unit price).

        So far the conditios VPRS that feeds the price uses the standard price, this is not allowed for BR law/taxes.

        Let me know about it.

        1. Former Member

          I hope that uses the same price used in the first nota fiscal. Because you must create a return Nota Fiscal with the same value.

          But I did not finish my process yet. Awaiting for SAP response. So I do not know.



        2. Former Member

          Hey..I found a solution from other company, they changed the VPRS condition to get the actual price (periodic unit price).

          So the nota fiscal takes this price and calculates the ICMS accordingly....but the stock is transfered at standard price.

          At month end material ledger will calculate the periodic unit price and will revaluate the inventory at the receiver plant with the last actual price.

          Of course the previous periodic unit price taken in Nota Fiscal will not match with actual price in ML revaluation.

          But this is really impossible to achieve since this materials are not controlled with moving average price (2/V approach).

  11. Former Member

    Hello Experts, 

    I would like to know if somebody had to configure Nota Fiscal to the 671 movement type and other requiring process, including tax like icms in return.

    Felipe, Do you have some informations about complete process?

    Thank you everybody




    1. Former Member


      I configured the 671 as 862 movement, but I`m facing a problem because I must fulfill the Number of the nota fiscal reference in the material document, but it is not possible. I just have the field LIFEX in the delivery but is already used to inform the reference delivery.

      I sent to Sap this issue and waiting for response.

      If you have any idea, please share with us.



      1. Former Member


        When i post the goods receipt, system ask me about billing type number F2, i think is because here this process never be configured and i must to configure the SD process for this type of billing or item.  

        About your problem: I dont, know, but here we must only to generate the docnum and after that, we must to print the Nota Fiscal, like a "Own incoming" or Entrada Propria, because the destination plant do not receive material, and the authorities not permit to launch Nf like a return with the same number, and not permit to cancel too after 24h from print NF, cause it was possible we could use Tcode Vl09 to do a reversal movement.

        Thank you for your answer and wait for your solutoin if you could,





  12. Former Member


    For Brazil I understand mov 837 - Return with NF would work, once it is assigned to mov 861 as reversal/follow on movement types and it also has NF category assigned. Standard NF category is R1, but it is necessary to use other that have an assigned form to be possible to issue an "incoming" Nota Fiscal .

    Please, case you try it, let me know the result.


    Fernanda Semeão

  13. Former Member

    Hello, everyone!

    Has anyone completed this return process successfully (mov 862/861)?


    Pedro Oliveira

    1. Hello Pedro, 

      Are you facing any issues? Please tell us. 

      This scenario works if you follow the steps above or according to the SAP note delivered regarding this scenario.

      1512390 - Stock Transfer: Full/Partial Return of Transit Stock (new).



      1. Former Member

        Hi, Patricia!
        Thank you for your reply. When I check the "Returns Item" flag I receive the error message nº ME392. I believe that the our SAP Team have to customize this scenery.
        Pedro Oliveira
  14. Former Member

  15. Hello Patricia,

    I followed the steps according to notes 1512390 and 2133551. But, when in VL02N, I fill the (LIKP-LIFEX) with original delivery number an click in post goods receipt, I got the error message:

    10 021 M7 E CM Qtd.EM não atingido em 1 SAC : 0220.03100.0030PA F001 0050

    Any help will be very welcome.

    Thank you in advancing.



    1. Hello Ronildo, 

      Have you checked notes 1734349 and 1876282?

      This is usually an error from the MM core side.

      You may open a ticket on MM-IM-GR if none of the notes help you. 

      Kind Regards,



  16. Hi Patricia,

    Sorry for my late answer! I just returned to this issue this morning.

    The notes you pointed above were very usefull. Thank you.

    I am just facing a problem with the ICMS tax that is not being considered in the returning Nota Fiscal. I have tried several tax codes but mony of them give the balance error. Those who works doesn't consider ICMS in NFe neither in accounting document.

    Still working on it.


    Best regards




  17. Former Member

    Posso usar a transação MBRL, documento de entrada e com movimento 837?

  18. Oi,

    O 837 é utilizado para quando você já executou o 861.

    Este movimento tem que estar configurado com uma Nota Fiscal de Saída.

    Thank you & Kind Regards,
    Support Consultant