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STO is the intracompany process to transfer materials, between one plant to another within the same company with the same company code.

** Inter/Cross Company is not supported because it has not been localized.

Customizings for STO using Inbound Delivery 

Most of the customizing is exactly the same as the normal STO process without inbound delivery. 

The main difference is the customizing of the delivery creation that it is described on note 965176 - Creation of inbound delivery during two-step stock transfers.
However the only thing that should be customized from SAP Note 965176 is the Confirmation Control from Inbound Delivery that must be 0004. All other processes mentioned in that SAP note are for core component, not localized for Brazil. 


Configuration of the STO movements:

Table J_1BIM02V should be set as below for movements 86X:



OMJJ - In this transaction you can set the allowed transaction for each movement, field settings, etc.



Tax Code Configuration on J1BTAX - MM


Posting String Configuration 

> J1BTAX > Nota Fiscal > Inventory Management > IM Posting Strings

Select the value string and make sure the option 'line item ID' is set to T - Tax or D - Tax.

Standard Process flow

ME21N - Generate the Stock Transport Order

Use the order type 'UB' and Item Category should be set as 'U'.

VL10B - Create delivery

Fill the Purchasing document field and press Execute (F8): 

Select the line click on Background:


Click on 'Log for Delivery Creation'.

Double click on document number created. 

Click on 'Edit/Change'(F1), then in 'Picking' tab fill the value in Picked Qty and all other necessary and relevant information. 

VL02N or VL03N - Change/Display Outbound Delivery (posting of outbound delivery).

Enter the delivery then go to document flow (F7) to see an overview of documents created. Copy inbound delivery number or click on the inbound delivery and select display document. 


VL32N - Change/Display Inbound Delivery (posting of inbound delivery).

MMBE / MB5T - Check goods movement

With these transactions, you can check the material's current situation. In this case, if the stock is in transit or if it was already delivered and free.
Here we can see an example of the system showing all the information about the material per Storage Location: 

Another alternative is MB5T:

With this transaction, you can see all the Stock in transit as shown below:

Debug Tips

  • SE80>>>Function Group>>>J1BN>>>Function Module>>> J_1B_IM_TX_CALCULATE_TAX_NEW
    For all calculation routines related to material movement can be see in this FM and it is where it starts the interface with FI.
  • SE37>>>Function Module>>> CALCULATE_TAX_ITEM
    Where the KOMP and KOMK will be filled. 
  • SE80>>> Function Group>>>J1BF>>>Include LJ1BFF01 
  • In this include the NF is created. 

  • SE80>>> Function Group>>>MBGB>>> Subroutine>>> FORM AUSGABE (INCLUDE LMBGBFSU)
    This include you can find out issues regarding accounting posting and the famous balance error. 

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