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This is a scenario used in Brazil Localization. The main characteristic of this process is that involves a negotiation between three companies. One of them generates a purchase order, one of them receives and generates the invoice taking the role of the vendor, but the material is sent by a third partner which takes the role of the goods supplier. 

Standard Process Flow

  1. ME21N - Purchase Order Creation
  2. MIGO - Goods Receipt
  3. MIRO - Invoice Receipt

Process flow

1 - ME21N - Generate the Purchase Order

Use the order type 'NB'. For the most basic stock transport order in localization base, you just need to enter the following fields: Vendor, Material, Plant and tax code. The main difference is the fields to fill in 'Partner' tab. You will need one Vendor and one Goods Supplier:


TIP: Check the flag 'GR-Bsd IV' is set. This is mandatory for any Brazilian scenario (the only exception is Future Delivery process). Despite this a simple flag, if not checked at this moment of the process, can bring severe inconsistencies for the process, mainly if you need to cancel a subsequent document later. More details, check SAP KBA 1876436.

2 - MIGO - Goods Receipt

This process has no much difference from standard. A special attention only with the fields below.

Delivery note: must be filled with the Vendor nota fiscal number.

Header Text: must be filled with the Goods Supplier nota fiscal number.

Movement Type: 811

Select 'Tax' tab, fill 'Alt. Base Amnt' field and flag 'Item OK' option.

Click 'Check' and 'Nota Fiscal' button. Double click on the item. Then, 'Taxes' tab:


Go back and Save.

3 - MIRO - Invoice Receipt

This step is very similar to the Basic Purchase Order process. The only particularity is that the 'Reference' field is filled with the Nota Fiscal number from the Vendor and the Header Text refers to the Nota Fiscal from the Goods Supplier:

Also, NF Type: E1

Button Nota Fiscal. Double click on the item:

Taxes tab:

Go back and Save. The process is completed.

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