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This is a scenario used in Brazil Localization.

The main characteristic of this process is that involves a negotiation between three companies.

One of them generates a purchase order, one of them receives and generates the invoice taking the role of the vendor, but the material is sent by a third partner, which takes the role of the goods supplier. 

More details can be found on SAP Help Third-Party Processing.

Standard Process Flow

  1. ME21N - Purchase Order Creation
  2. MIGO_GR - Goods Receipt
  3. MIRO - Invoice Receipt


  • Nota Fiscal for future delivery should be configure following the SPRO path below, example of configuration as per screenshot below:
  1. Cross-Application Components 

  2. General Application Functions 
  3. Nota fiscal 

  4. Define Nota Fiscal Types

  • The movements used in this process should be configure following the path below, example of configuration as per screenshot below:
  1. Access transaction J1BTAX

  2. Enter country BR
  3. Nota Fiscal
  4. Inventory Management
  5. MM-IV: Nota Fiscal Relevance

ME21N - Purchase Order Creation

  • In this scenario, the main difference is that you will need to enter one Vendor and one Goods Supplier, in 'Partners' tab. 
  • TIP: Check the flag 'GR-Bsd IV' is set. This is mandatory for any Brazilian scenario (the only exception is Future Delivery process). Despite this a simple flag, if not checked at this moment of the process, can bring severe inconsistencies for the process, mainly if you need to cancel a subsequent document later. More details, check SAP KBA 1876436.

MIGO_GR - Goods Receipt

  • Movement Type: 811
  • Delivery note: must be filled with the Vendor Nota Fiscal goods receipt number.
  • Header Text: must be filled with the Goods Supplier Nota Fiscal invoice receipt number.
  • Select 'Tax' tab, fill 'Alt. Base Amnt' field and tax code.
  • Taxes will be statistical.


MIRO - Invoice Receipt

  • In 'Reference' field, enter the Nota Fiscal number from the Vendor.
  • In tab details, field 'Header Text', enter the Nota Fiscal number from the Goods Supplier.

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