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A dump of WIP/ODS database can be of use to replicate data-related issues in the following cases:

  • issues related to SAP ME Clients scripts;
  • issues related to database migration scripts;
  • issues related to complex configuration;
  • issues related to long history of production data;
  • specific cases of bad performance of predefined database indices.

The customer's database can be restored from the dump file locally at SAP. This can facilitate carrying out the analysis of the root cause and coming up with a solution. 

This page provides recommendations for generating and transferring the dump files to SAP.

For ease of use in viewing an SAP Note, right click on the Note link and select Open in new window or Open in new tab.


Recommended Solution

SAP recommends that you follow the instructions of SAP Note 1841143  "How to collect SAP ME database dump".

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