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This page provides links to SAP Notes frequently used for SAP ME.  For access to all SAP Notes for ME, see the link on the Home page.


To return from an SAP Note, select the Recent Pages drop down in the upper left corner of the browser and then select the desired page to which you want to return.

1542390 - Clients Installer Library Patch Update Workaround

1405260 - Databases: Oracle Recommendations

1405261 - Databases: SQL Server Recommendations

1352957 - Downloading Documentation for SAP Manufacturing Execution

1793291 - FAQ about the improved integration of ERP with an SAP ME

1363812 - Key Field Character Restrictions

1762409 - MII Administration Handbook

1406846 - Sizing Spreadsheet

1409811 - System Landscape Recommendations

System logs and traces:

1266339 - How to enable and view SAP ME traces on Netweaver

1289112 - Turning on SQL trace for ODS

2051744 - How to check SQL log of execution of SAPMECTC task

2101374 - How to get an internal error written in a browser

1694344 - Write SAP ME outbound Integration messages into database


2041136 - SAP Support asks for the request message from SAP ME

Consulting notes:

2035473 - Features not covered by design

1987363 - SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) Performance Solutions and Recommendations

ME installation:

1657302 - How to undeploy or redeploy SAP ME 5.2, SAP ME 6.x and SAPMEINT 6.x


ME integration:

1473183 - SAPMEINT 5.2: Configuring MII listener issues

1908404 - Call MII Transactions from ME Extension, Hook, or POD Plugin

1727437 - SAPMEINT PAPI Interface Custom Action for SAP MII Workbench 


Here is the list of SAP Notes for all fixes per patch for SAP ME 6.1.4.

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