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This section specifies steps to check on condition ECC data is not received in ME in the corresponding order.

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Check whether message is present in MEINT Queue Monitor

The very first step is to check whether a message is present in MEINT Queue Monitor. For more details see Checking Messages in MEINT Queue Monitor.

If message is not shown MEINT Queue monitor, check MII Message monitor

In case the message is present in MII Message Monitor and is absent in MEINT Queue monitor, then probable reason is that Processing rule is not set correctly.

If message is not present in MII monitor, check ERP

If message is not present in MII Monitor, please, follow instructions in SAP Note 1473183 . Even that it was written for SAP ME 5.2, it is still applicable for SAP ME 6.x. In addition to the note in case of any modifications of Resource adapter were done in nwa and NW was not restarted, then Update should be done in MII for this Resource adapter.

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