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This section describes how to get execution plan against suspected ME SQL query. 


Get query execution plan on MS SQL Server

    1. Run SQL Server Management Studio on database server.
    2. Paste query into query window and execute query.
    3. Execution plan tab shows plan for query.
    4. Right-click on plan to save .sqlplan file for further analysis.

Get query execution plan on Oracle

    1. Run SQL*Plus or other query tool and logon to the WIP or ODS account
      For SQL*Plus, type the following at the command line:
      sqlplus WIP/<password>@<instance>
      Replace <password> with the system account password. Replace <instance> with the name of the database instance.
    2. Run execution plan
      Type the following query at the SQL prompt:
      explain plan for <query>
      Replace <query> with slow-running query.
    3. Retrieve execution plan
      Type the following query at the SQL prompt:
      select * from table(dbms_xplan.display);

Alternatively, query can be pasted into SQL Developer, which has a tab for the execution plan

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