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SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) WIKI

Welcome to the SAP ME WIKI on SCN.  The goal of this WIKI is to provide a hub for access to SAP ME information and documentation for SAP ME customers, partners, consultants and developers.  
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  1. SAP ME System Landscape Recommendations for Newly Released ME 5.2

    Please see Note 1409811

    This will include Database settings, recommended configurations, and not supported configurations.

  2. Unknown User (vrvd5d3)

    Will ME 5.2 run on Linux (ie NetWeaver running on Linux)? Can I put the Oracle 10g database on Linux as well?

  3. Unknown User (qa6l86a)

    SAP ME WIKI home page is tottally Blank.. ,

    How we can add some useful articles, white papers some useful information etc to this page,

    Please let us know (smile)


  4. Former Member


    Not too sure if this is the right place to ask this question, wanted to know the list of customers who are on SAP ME( Not visiprise but on SAP ME and using the product in conjunction with SAP ERP) , is this availabe freely somewhere ?


      This is a "wrong" question at all once touching confidential information. SAP ME Consulting team might answer some kind of specific questions not related to exact names of customers.

  5. Former Member

    Hi All,

    Facing an issue On assembling and completion of SFC in sap me:

    For Completion of SFC , the PR510 activity is throwing an error of conflict.

    Configuration Maintained : 

    1. Activity PR510 is maintained same PR510Q.
    2. The SFC  was tried to marked as complete but  the from thrown was the operation is not in queue , but at work.
    3. SFC was bypassed/marked as complete.
    4. During the closure of shop floor order , the message comes as internal error occurred

    Request inputs to resolve the issue ?


    Nitin Pandey



    1. Dear Nitin,


      I case the Wiki does not answer your question, feel free to on SAP Community

      If you don't get any answer there and you think you experience a bug, you may open a support incident.

      Comments to Wiki page is not a proper channel to address particular problems, however.


      Br, Alex. 

  6. Hello ,

    Can some one please guide me , how can I see which users are connected to which SAP ME application server ?!

    Thanks in Advance.


  7. System usage report

  8. Thanks Rusty,

     meant Java web sessions...