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This section illustrates how to switch SAP ME Web Services from HTTP to HTTPS.


Default protocol

By Default the Web Service Transport Protocols are set to use HTTPS.

Steps to switch

    1. Login to the NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) with a user that has administrator privileges.
    2. In the NWA, navigate to the following location
      • For NetWeaver 7.11, SOA Management > Application and Scenario Communication > Single Service Administration.
      • For NetWeaver 7.3, SOA > Application and Scenario Communication > Single Service Administration.
    3. On the Single Service Administration: Service Definitions screen, click the Go button. All Service Definitions are displayed.
    4. Filter the Service Definitions by entering\* (\**) in the Namespace table header Filter field and press Enter. The Service Definition list is filtered to show only those records matching the entered Namespace.
    5. For each web service, select the service row to modify in the Found Service Definitions window.
    6. In the Details about Service Definition section, select the Configuration Tab.
    7. In the table, select the Service Enpoint row.
    8. In the Details about Service Endpoint section, switch to the Security Tab.
    9. Click the Edit button.
    10. Change the Transport Protocol from HTTPS to HTTP
    11. Click the Save button.
    12. Repeat the steps for the remaining web services.

Related Notes

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