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Downloading SAP Cryptographic Libraries

1. You must have authorized access to the SAP Service Marketplace with a SAP S-user ID.

2. You must have the SAPCAR tool taken from the SAP Service Marketplace.

3. Go to SAP Service Marketplace at Log in as the SAP S-user.

4. In the left navigation window, expand SAP Software Distribution CenterDownload and select the link for SAP Cryptographic Software

5. In the SAP Download Area, select the operating system that you require.

6. Confirm your acceptance of the export regulations. For more information on the export regulations, see SAP Note 397175: SAP Cryptographic Software - Export check.

5. Download the SAP archive file (SAR file) using the SAP Download Manager.

6. Unpack the SAR file using the SAP archiving tool, SAPCAR.

        SAPCAR.EXE -xvf *.sar to unpack the files.

7. The SAP Cryptographic Library installation package should include the following files:



sapcrypto.dll (Library)
sapgenpse.exe (executable file)

libsapcrypto.<ext> (.so) (Library)
sapgenpse (executable file)

ticket (licence ticket)

ticket (licence ticket)

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  1. Unknown User (1055l5xih)


    Since the SAP Service Marketplace site has improved, where is it possible to Download SAP Cryptographic Software?