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Since introduction of new activities in ME 6.0 (in particular Data Field Assignment Maintenance) DPMO setup has been changed. This section illustrates how to setup DPMO in ME 6.0.



About DPMO

DPMO stands for 'Defects Per Million Opportunities'. It is a standardized quality measurement that calculates defect levels. DPMO helps you to measure defects so you can reduce them. Combined with the system's Nonconformance capabilities, DPMO can provide feedback and track defects seen at inspection and test to the appropriate root cause operation.
There are standard methodologies the system uses to calculate DPMO:

  • Assembly
  • Component
  • Placement
  • Termination

The results of these calculations are displayed in the DPMO reports.

Setting up Material Maintenance

You define the DPMO Category, Operation where the defect may happen (can also be ALL operations) and a number of opportunities for defect on DPMO tab:

Setting up Data Field Assignment Maintenance

Create an NC data type with the following fields:

Root cause operation is where the defect happens.
And the defect count is how many defects happened . This value will be used in DPMO calculations.

Setting up NC Code Maintenance

Create a defect – NC code and assign a DPMO category to it:

Log NC

Release SFC and go to the POD to Log NC. Fill in the NC Code, Defect Count, Root Cause Operation fields and press ADD-DONE button:

DPMO Report

  • Defect count is the total number of DEFECT_COUNTs logged against the DPMO category for the Material at Operation(s).
  • Opportunities = Sum(qty completed)*Opportunities spec. in Material Maintenance
  • Defect Rate = SUM(defect count)/SUM(qty completed)*100
  • DPMO = SUM(defect count) / SUM(dpmo opportunities) * 1.000.000
  • SUM(qty completed) = Pieces Processed.
  • est. yield = exp(-defect rate) * 100 (defect rate here is not in %).

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