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During any interaction in the GUI the message "An internal error occurred; contact technical support" appears.

A sample of the message can be seen in the screenshot below.


1. Obtain the Default Trace Log

This message occurs when there is a fault in the application for some reason. There are many possible reasons why this could occur. In order to help determine the root cause of the problem the actual stack trace must be viewed.

2. Analyze Stack Trace Analysis

After obtaining the Stack Trace using one of the methods outlined on the Obtain the Default Trace Log page read through the trace for the root cause of the problem. The information contained in a stack trace is usually very technical and can be hard to read. If you cannot determine the root cause of the problem from the stack trace then submit the full stack trace to the proper support group.

Some tips for getting useful information include.

  • In instances where there are lots of entries during a short period of time it is usually easier to obtain the stack trace manually from the raw text file then through the Log Viewer GUI.
  • If there are multiple stack traces with the same time stamp then the most useful one is usally the first one.
  • When submitting a stack trace to support be sure to include the entire contents of the stack trace.

In the Sample Stack Trace shown below notice there are multiple stack traces with the same timestamp. The first occurence of that timestamp is the one that was viewed.


Grouping the traces by request can help to view additional relevant logs for the Internal Error in production system where many requests are processed and written at the same time.

Grouped traces by request would look like:


For general information on analyzing stack traces see the following

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