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This section provides general troubleshooting steps in the corresponding order for the case Machine Integration application is unable to successfully send requests to SAP ME.

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Check if the client application utilizes a custom web service developed via the SDK

If yes, contact the developer/partner of the custom web service for assistance. If assistance is unavailable, you may try to web services using SOAP UI as it is described in Sending a PAPI Web Service Request section of Web Services Guide.

Check the client application log

Obtain the Client Application Log

If there are no errors in client application log, obtain Default Trace Log (see SAP Note 1266339 and Trace files for details) and resend the request to see if the error can be found in the log.

    • If the error could not be found in the Default Trace Log, check the Transaction log as per SAP Note 1430326 for the error (only for core web services).
      • If the error could not be found in the above methods, check the ICM Log.

Correct the errors

Correct the errors as per the following classification:

Test the integration

After correcting the problem that resulted in error, re-test the request using the following:

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