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This page provides a variety of information which can be helpful in troubleshooting for the SAP ME solution.


Focus on isolating issues to either the application tier or database tier when troubleshooting SAP ME issues to most effectively identify root cause.


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SAP ME Diagnostics

Architecture Information

You must be familiar with the underlying architecture of the overall SAP ME solution to effectively troubleshoot issues.

Architecture of AS Java AS Java is part of the SAP NetWeaver Application Platform. It provides the complete infrastructure for deploying and running Java applications.
SAP JVM SAP's implementation of a Java Virtual Machine is called SAP JVM. SAP JVM is a certified Java SE 5 Virtual Machine (VM) and Java Development Kit (JDK), based on the Sun HotSpot technology and enhanced with several supportability features. It is built and supported by SAP and is available for all processor architectures and operating systems supported by SAP NetWeaver.
SAP MIISAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP xMII) enables you to integrate your plant and enterprise systems and display integrated data to your employees. You can use SAP xMII to view, measure, and compare the performance of plants and assets with different automation system infrastructures.
SAP BOBJThis is the Wiki for BusinessObjects products from the Industry Solutions Field Enablement team.
Here you will find product documentation, how to guides, case studies etc from various industries on how specific BusinessObjects tools were integrated into their business scenarios.
SAP PcOPlant Connectivity (PCo) is the name of SAP's high performance device connectivity software. PCo provides a bridge between a company's much larger, enterprise systems that are located in centralized data-centers and their various manufacturing and logistics facilities that are typically located in different areas.
SAP METhis is the home page for the SAP ME Development space. It contains information about the SAP ME Architecture and Development environment.
SAPMEINTThe idea of this Wiki is to provide an project overview. what can be found where etc.
But additionally to that we also provide some details about our development and the current status, that is not that easily accessible just via the tools like Jira and cPro.
We believe that quality is a key element for a successful product that satisfy the customers and their needs. Therefore take a view minutes and check the Quality first section in this Wiki, where we list all quality actions we planning and executing. For us development is not done, when coding is finished, but when quality is assured.

Diagnostic Tools - Documentation

This section lists the diagnostic tools most commonly used for troubleshooting with the SAP ME solution.

Memory Analyzer (MAT)\The Eclipse Memory Analyzer is a fast and feature-rich Java heap analyzer that helps you find memory leaks and reduce memory consumption.
Memory Analyzer (MAT) - SAP\The Memory Analyzer is an Open Source Project at Eclipse ( licensed under the Eclipse Public License. While the open source version contains all the core features, the SAP NetWeaver Extensions provide names for NetWeaver deployment units and information about caches, sessions, etc. The extensions are helpful if you analyze heap dumps from NetWeaver Java Server systems.
SAP JVM Monitoring Tool (jvmmon)The SAP JVM Monitoring Tool jvmmon is an SAP JVM specific tool for a wide range of monitoring tasks. It is part of the SAP JVM delivery and can be found in the same directory as the VM itself under the bin folder.
SAP Management Console (MMC) In an SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java environment, the SAP Management Console is the established tool for system monitoring and management. Among a wide range of functionality, it includes several views and menu items that allow the user to perform many tasks related to the management of an SAP JVM.
SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA)SAP NetWeaver Administrator is a Web-based tool for administration and monitoring. It offers a single entry point to configure, administer, and monitor your SAP NetWeaver system, its components, and the applications running on top of it.
Thread Dump ViewerGUI-based thread dump analyzer for SAP Java Engine. Features include:
  • works for all version of SAP java engine from 6.40 above
  • gives an easy access to multiple thread dumps
  • checks thread state across multiple dumps
  • shows statistic for application/system threads
  • possibility to follow the lock chains |
SAP JVM ProfilerThe SAP JVM Profiler helps you analyze the resource consumption of your Java application running on a SAP Java VM - be it a simple standalone Java application or a complex enterprise application.
Web Administration Interface You can monitor and manage both the SAP Web Dispatcher and the Internet Communication Manager (ICM) from the browser.
Administration Using TelnetBy using a Telnet client via the Telnet protocol, you can connect to the SAP NetWeaver Application Server and administer it using a predefined set of shell commands.
Wily Introscope Wily Introscope is a performance management solution that enables you to monitor complex Web applications in production environments 24x7. Wily Introscope is the SAP standard for Server Performance Diagnostics.
IntroscopeThis is the home page for the Introscope space.
GCViewerGCViewer is a simple open source java application for viewing and comparing garbage collector log files.
As a first step looking the the garbage collector log is always a good idea. It's recommended to use the option -Xloggc:<filename> to log the message to a seperate file. This file can the be visualized with the GCViewer. (See SAP Java Performance - Memory Issues)
SAP ME Transaction LogTransaction logging and transaction log reporting have been added to SAP ME 5.2.3 to support audit and diagnostics of system activity.
A transaction is defined as the reception, processing, and response of a request sent to SAP ME.  Transactions are categorized into several types, including GUI, Data Exchange, Production XML, Web Services, Outbound, and Custom. 
SAP ME DB Diagnostics Report\You want to verify that WIP Database of SAP Manufacturing Execution is
configured properly and its initialization and statistics gathering parameters correspond to values recommended by SAP
SAP ME Audit Log Report You use this report to obtain information about maintenance changes made to audit-logged master data and objects in SAP ME.
SAP ME Administrative UtilitiesYou can use SAP ME Administrative Utilities to enable targeted logging levels in SAP ME.
Solution Manager Diagnostics for SAP ME and MEINT The interface between Solution Manager Diagnostics and SAP ME/MEINT.

Additional Resources

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment LibraryOnline Help for NetWeaver CE. SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE) is a robust and lean standard-based platform that enables you to develop Java and composite applications from scratch and on top of existing services.
SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME)Online Help for SAP ME 5.2. SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) is a powerful, enterprise-level, scalable, manufacturing business solution that enables global manufacturers to manage and control manufacturing and shop floor operations. It provides a multi-faceted set of features that integrates business systems to the shop floor, allowing for complete component and material-level visibility for single and global installations.
Plant ConnectivityOnline Help for SAP PcO. With Plant Connectivity (PCo), SAP offers a software component that enables the exchange of data between an SAP system and the industry-specific standard data sources of different manufacturers, such as process control systems, plant historian systems, and SPC systems.
With PCo, you can receive tags and events from the linked source systems in production either automatically or upon request and forward them to the connected SAP systems.
SAP Community Network(SDN) The social network for SAP Professionals.
SAP Java PerformanceWiki  created by the members of the now Performance & Scalability Technology Components team. |
SAP JVM... your favorite Java virtual machineInternal site for SAP JVM. SAP JVM is a certified Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Java Development Kit (JDK), compliant to the Java Standard Editions 1.4.2, 5 & 6. It is delivered with various SAP Java-based products, most prominently with the SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.1 (and newer).
SAP Support PortalSupport portal for SAP Products
(JAVA) Application Server Java TroubleshootingHere you can find step-by-step solutions to a wide range of problems that may occur in your work with SAP NetWeaver. It's easy:
  • choose the product version
  • identify your issue in the list below (or use the search)
  • follow the wizard We hope it helps!
Performance and ScalablityInternal site for product Performance, Benchmarking, and Sizing.
SAP ME SupportSAP ME Support wiki page.
SAP ME 5.2 Dev Support SAP ME Development Support wiki page. The ME Development Support is setup to handle customer issues as well as internal CSS tickets.
SAP ME Customer on WatchThe SAP ME Customer on Watch (CoW) progam is setup to provide customers assistance around various technical aspects of the solution and rapidly respond to issues in these areas.  The two primary functions of the CoW are:
  • Proactive Customer Monitoring
  • Rapid Response for Technical Issues
SAP ME Installation ChecklistDocument used by SAP ME CoW Safeguarding team to validate system installation.

Important Notes

SAP NoteDescription
 1498757SAP ME 5.2 Solution Survival Guide
 1524180SAP ME 5.2: Diagnostic Guides and Reports
 1409811SAP ME System Landscape Recommendations
 1400552Oracle statistics gathering for SAP ME database
 1405260SAP ME 5.2 Databases: Oracle Recommendations
 1405261SAP ME 5.2 Databases: MS SQL Server Recommendations
 1430326SAP ME Transaction Log
 1266339How to enable and view SAP ME traces in NetWeaver
 1443920Information needed to investigate performance issue
 1576383Archiving Scripts are behind and need to catch up
 1457893How to generate Oracle ADM, ADDT, and ASH reports
 1289112Turning on SQL Trace for ODS
 1289240Note 1289240 - How to deal with out of memory errors (and How to Create a Heap Dump)
 1095473How to get a full thread dump in AS Java (7.1)
 797147Note 797147 - Wily Introscope Installation for SAP Customers
 1273028Note 1273028 - Introscope 8 Release Notes



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