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This section describes the steps to do if SAP ME has gone down.

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When a system outage is reported, you should:

  • Check if you can log into SAP ME.
  • Collect heap and thread dumps
  • Restart NetWeaver to bring the system back online.

After the system is back up, you should:

  • Analyze Wily, heap dumps, thread dumps, and logs to determine root cause.

Before restarting Netweaver

  1. Can you log into SAP ME?
    - If you can login to SAP ME, the system is not technically down.
    - If no, the system may be experiencing a Response Time or System Performance issue, which is covered in a separate section of the SAP ME Troubleshooting Guide.
  2. Trigger Heap Dumps
    Memory issues are the most common causes of system outages in SAP ME. Heap dumps are the most effective means to determine root cause of a memory issue and must be collected while the problem is occurring and before restarting NetWeaver. There are several methods available for triggering Heap Dumps:
    - Using JVMMON to Trigger a Heap Dump .
    - Using SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) to Trigger a Heap Dump.
    For additional methods to trigger a heap dump, see SAP Note 1289240.
    You must trigger a heap dump separately for every server node in your cluster.
  3. Trigger Thread Dumps
    Thread dumps show what is currently executing in the system and help pinpoint root cause of the issue. Thread dumps must also be collecting while the problem is occurring and before restarting NetWeaver. There are several methods available for triggering Thread Dumps:
    -SAP Management Console
    -Using NWA to Trigger a Thread Dump
    You must trigger a thread dump for every server node in you cluster. Using NWA, it is possible to trigger thread dumps for all server nodes in the cluster at once.
  4. Check Web Sessions
    During a system outage, it is often useful to check the number of web sessions (you can check them in NWA, Availablity and Performance -> System Overview section) currently connected to the system. This is especially useful if a spike in HTTP requests to SAP ME is suspected..
  5. Check Status of JMS Messages

Restart NetWeaver

  • Restart NetWeaver only after triggering heap and thread dumps.
  • A restart will free resources and is typically the fastest way to resolve a system down situation.
  • Use SAP Management Console to Restart NetWeaver.

After NetWeaver restart

Diagnose ME failure post-mortem .

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