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This guide is designed to help set up successfully Site2Site SFC CONSUME transfer



Setting up Site2Site transfers in SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) needs accuracy in all stages to ensure the system works as intended.  Tracing faults once a system is set up is both hard and time consuming.  It is assumed that the person setting up Site2Site is familiar with the basics of SAP ME since this is a task for only those with substantial prior knowledge of both SAP ME and the clients own set-up.

First Step

Enable the System Rule ‘Enable SFC Data Transfer’:  


Second Step

In Collaboration Link Maintenance, set the Site2Site directive against the Trigger Action COLLABORATION_SFC_DONE:


Third Step

Create a Shop Order with the following defined on the ‘Transfer’ tab:


Fourth Step

Release an SFC from Shop Order 08FEB2011-001, work it through the production router to a state of DONE.  The SFC is now available on the destination Site to be consumed as an Inventory ID.


-       the material defined against Shop Order 08FEB2011-001 must exist in the destination Site with a valid Routing – please see KBA 1728960 linked below

-       if the ‘Receive’ checkbox is checked, the SFC has to be ‘received’ into the destination Site via SFC Receipt: we can discuss the merits of doing the transfer either ‘automatically’ or ‘manually’

-       the transfer can be set at Material level, whereby all SFCs of that material are transferred: we can discuss the merits of doing the transfer by Shop Order or Material

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SAP Note 1728960  Site2Site SFC not available for consumption on destination site