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Welcome to the SAP ME Troubleshooting Guide!

Here you can find step-by-step solutions to non-functional system technical problems that may occur in your work with SAP ME.

For ease of use in viewing an SAP Note, right click on the Note link and select Open in new window or Open in new tab.

  Check the SAP ME Diagnostics   page for additional resources.     

      What is your problem related to?  

 SAP Note 1757810 - How to get the complete list of software components on your NetWeaver Application Server Java

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  1. Former Member

    My problem is not listed here.  I am trying to set up RTW yield alerts in 5.2 but I get an event generated every single time another unit is processed once the yield has dropped below my target.  The Yield Counter Reset does not seem to work at all.  I have an RTW set for a low of 95% and no upper.  I have a time interval of 1 hour and the "Alarm Sent" box checked for the Yield Counter.  With these settings I would expect that once the yield drops below 95% an alarm would be sent and the yield counter would be reset at the same time.  Because the yield counter was reset, I should not see another alarm for another hour.  As I mentioned, this is not what is happening.  I get an event every time a unit is processed as long as the yield remains below 95%.  I could never send this to an email channel because I would fill up people's Inbox with yield alerts.  Am I looking at this function the wrong way?  What is resetting the Yield Counter supposed to do?



    1. Hello Dan,


      I case the Troubleshooting Guide does not answer your question, feel free to on SAP Community

      If you don't get any answer there and you think you experience a bug, you may open a support incident.

      Comments to Wiki page is not a proper channel to address particular problems, however.


      Br, Alex. 

  2. Former Member

    Perfect.  Thank you!