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  1. Former Member

    My problem is not listed here.  I am trying to set up RTW yield alerts in 5.2 but I get an event generated every single time another unit is processed once the yield has dropped below my target.  The Yield Counter Reset does not seem to work at all.  I have an RTW set for a low of 95% and no upper.  I have a time interval of 1 hour and the "Alarm Sent" box checked for the Yield Counter.  With these settings I would expect that once the yield drops below 95% an alarm would be sent and the yield counter would be reset at the same time.  Because the yield counter was reset, I should not see another alarm for another hour.  As I mentioned, this is not what is happening.  I get an event every time a unit is processed as long as the yield remains below 95%.  I could never send this to an email channel because I would fill up people's Inbox with yield alerts.  Am I looking at this function the wrong way?  What is resetting the Yield Counter supposed to do?



    1. Hello Dan,


      I case the Troubleshooting Guide does not answer your question, feel free to on SAP Community

      If you don't get any answer there and you think you experience a bug, you may open a support incident.

      Comments to Wiki page is not a proper channel to address particular problems, however.


      Br, Alex. 

  2. Former Member

    Perfect.  Thank you!