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This page explains what the First Pass Yield in SAP ME reports means and how it is calculated.


Understanding of the First Pass Yield

The first pass yield at an operation is calculated as quantity completed on the first pass through the operation divided by quantity started at the operation on the first pass within the specified timeframe. This number (typically a fraction) is multiplied by 100 to give a percent. 

  • The same SFC (or some pieces for an SFC) can be processed multiple times at the same operation.  For example an SFC with a quantity of 1 is started at OPERATION1.  A problem is found and the SFC is nonconformed.  The disposition sends the SFC to a repair operation which then puts the SFC back in queue at OPERATION1.  When the SFC is started at OPERATION1 the second time, the record is marked as Pass 2 because the SFC is going through the operation for processing a second time.  This can happen multiple times, so you can have Pass 1, Pass 2, Pass 3, etc.

It does not matter what happens to the pieces after they are completed or nonconformed (but not completed) on the first pass.  No subsequent action will change the first pass yield calculation for these pieces at the operation.  Scrapping the pieces or starting them again at the same operation will not change the first pass yield for the operation.

  • pieces refers to the quantity for the SFCs, not necessarily the number of SFCs.  It is the number of SFCs only if the quantity of each SFC = 1.  So, if there are 3 SFCs, each with a quantity of 5, then the number of pieces would be 15.


If 5 pieces are started at the operation and only 4 are completed (1 is nonconformed and not completed on the first pass), then the first pass yield is (4/5) * 100 = 80%.  However, if 5 are started and 4 have been completed, but 1 is still in work on the first pass, then the first pass yield is calculated as (4/4) * 100 = 100%.  Only pieces that have been either completed or nonconformed (but not completed) on the first pass are included in quantity started.  So for first pass yield calculated over a specific timeframe, only pieces completed or nonconformed (but not completed) on the first pass during the specified timeframe are included in the calculation.

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