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If a Document does not Print there are many activities that should be checked for proper configuration.


1. Verify a Document Prints

If; depending on the Printing Software used, the document prints or generates the document file in the folder defined by the System Rule then all of the printing configuration in SAP ME has been completed successfully. If not, then the following configuration checks should be performed.

2. Verify System Rule Maintenance settings

2.1. System Setup - Document Printing Temporary Directory

The Document Printing Temporary Directory System Rule sets the location the generated SAP ME print files are stored.

  • For Adobe Print Server and Loftware this is the location of the print monitoring directory where the files generated during Printing are stored to be later picked up by the Printing software.
  • For Adobe Document Services (ADS) this is the location the PDF file is stored.

2.2. System Setup - ADS - Document Printing Template Directory

The ADS - Document Printing Template Directory System Rule is used for Adobe Document Services (ADS) printing only. This is the location of the Adobe Document Services (ADS) folder that contains the print templates referenced in Document Maintenance.

2.3. System Setup - ADS - Storage of PDF Document

The ADS - Storage of PDF Document System Rule is used for Adobe Document Services (ADS) printing only.

  • If set to False, then no PDF document is saved when ADS Printing is triggered.
  • If set to True, then a PDF document is saved when ADS Printing is triggered.

3. Verify Document Maintenance Settings

The values used in Document Maintenance on the Print Integration Tab vary based on the Printing Software used. Here are the default settings included in the application for the currently supported Print Software.

  1. Navigate to the Document Maintenance Activity.
  2. Retrieve or create a Document record.
  3. On the Main Tab,
    • Make a note of the Document Type setting. This value will need to be assigned later to the Printer defined in Printer Maintenance.
    • Verify the status of the Document is set to Enabled.
  4. On the Print Integration Tab, the default settings for the various supported Print Software is as follows.

3.1. For Adobe Document Services (ADS)

  • Data Acquisition =
  • Formatting =
    • User Argument = PRINT_FORMAT=ZPL;XDC=zpl600.xdc
    • The PRINT_FORMAT User Argument will define the file format to be sent to the printer. The User Argument XDC will define the XDC template to be used.
      • The supported values for PRINT_FORMAT used for Formatting are ZPL, PDF, PS, PCL (for example, PRINT_FORMAT=ZPL).
      • XDC is the XDC template to be used. If no template is defined the following values will be used
        • ZPL - zpl300.xdc for Zebra label printers (monochrome) at 300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
        • PCL - hppcl5e.xdc for printers that support the HP PCL 5e printer language (monochrome)
        • PS - ps_plain.xdc for printers that support PostScript language level 2 (monochrome and color)
  • Transport =

Note that starting ME 6.1 new plug-ins were introduced according to the application help:

  • Data Acquisition =$PrintingDataAcquisitionService
  • Formatting =$PrintingFormatAdsService
  • Transport =$PrintingTransportAdsService

3.2. For Loftware

  • Data Acquisition =
  • Formatting =
  • Transport =

3.3. For Adobe Print Server

  • Data Acquisition =
  • Formatting =
  • Transport =

4. Verify Activity Maintenance Settings

There are 2 Activity Hooks that can be used for Document Printing. You should use one or the other at a time, but not both. However, you could use SY520 at one operation and SY521 at another if desired.

4.1. SY520 - Document Print

The SY520 - Document Print Activity can be used by Adobe Document Services (ADS), Loftware, or Adobe Print Server.

  1. In Activity Maintenance, retrieve the SY520 activity.
  2. On the Main Tab
    • Verify the Activity is set to Enabled.
  3. On the Rules Tab
    • Verify the Setting for the DOCUMENTS Rule includes the Document name you want to print.
      • Multiple Documents can be added to this rule. If multiple documents are added they should be separated by a comma.
      • All documents that you would ever want to print using SY520 should be added to this rule.
    • Verify the Setting for the PRINTER_NAME Rule.
      • If blank, printing uses the printer assigned to the POD
      • If a printer name is specified, printing sends the documents to this printer when the hook point activity is executed.

4.2. SY521 - ADS Document Print

The SY521 - ADS Document Print Activity is used for Adobe Document Services (ADS) printing only. If using Loftware or Adobe Print Server then use the SY520 - Document Print Activity.

4.3. Difference between the SY520 and SY521 activities

The difference between SY520 and SY521 activity hooks is in the way they accept a document name. The SY520 activity has the rule DOCUMENTS which contains document names separated by a comma. The SY521 activity takes a document name from the hook’s user argument and there is can be only one document name. For example, if the activity is hooked to an Operation the Document Name would be the User Argument for the Hook. Sometimes SY521 is more useful because it does not require the SY520 activity rule to be updated if a new document is added.

5. Verify Printer Maintenance Settings

  1. In Printer Maintenance, retrieve or create a new printer.
  2. The Printer Name must match the name of the printer as seen by the OS.  
  3.  Verify the Printer is Enabled.
  4. Verify the #Assigned Document Types# contain the appropriate Document Types for the Printer. These correspond to the Document Type setting in Document Maintenance that was assigned when the Document was created.

6. Verify POD Maintenance Settings

  1. In POD Maintenance, retrieve or create a new POD.
  2. On the Printers Tab, add the Printer to use for each of the Document Types.

7. Verify Material Maintenance Settings

In Material Maintenance for a Document to be printed for a Material the Document must be associated to the Material.

  1. Open Material Maintenance.
  2. Retrieve or Create a Material.
  3. On the Documents Tab, verify the Printing Documents list contains all of the documents that are eligible to Print for the selected Material.

8. Verify Activity Hooks attached

In order to print during Production the previously setup SY520 - Document Print or SY521 - ADS Document Print activities must be attached at the desired Operation, Router Step, or Resource level.

  1. Open the activity (i.e. Operation Maintenance, Router Maintenance, or Resource Maintenance) the activity should be hooked to.
  2. Retrieve the object the activity will be hooked to.
  3. Navigate to the Activity Hooks Tab.
  4. Verify the Hook Point row has been added.
  6. Verify the Hook Point is enabled.
  7. Verify the User Argument value.
    • For SY521, be sure the User Argument field contains the DOCUMENT_NAME of the Document created in Document Maintenance that you want to print.
    • For SY520, the User Argument field is usually blank as the DOCUMENT_NAME was added as a SETTING value to the DOCUMENTS rule when the SY520 Activity was defined in Activity Maintenance.

9. Test Printing

9.1. Using Document Reprint

The Document Reprint activity can be used to determine if the printing has been setup correctly without the need to run an SFC through Production.

  1. Open the Document Reprint Activity.
  2. Enter the POD that would be used in Production to Print.
  3. Enter the Target to Print (i.e. SFC Number).
  4. Click Retrieve.
  5. If no Documents are visible in the Document table then there were no Documents created when Production was released and no Documents are available to Print. Verify all of the required setup was completed.

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