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There are several places in SAP ME where a Work Center can be assigned (associated) to other configuration business objects.

This page provides information about these places and how they affect production activities of SAP ME.


Places where WC can be assigned

WC can be assigned to the following configuration business objects:

  • Shop Order
  • operation
  • routing step
  • resource

This can be done in Maintenance activities of those objects with exception of resource which should be assigned within Work Center Maintenance.

WC of routing step is inherited from the operation by default at the moment of creation of a routing in Routing Maintenance.

WC precedence rule

This rule is applicable each time the production business objects tracking actual actions at the shop floor are created, for example, Activity Log records.

Precedence rule looks as follows:

WC of Shop Order < WC of Routing Step < WC of Resource

So, the superior WC that is defined in this chain will be associated with the production action.

Shop Order and routing steps are determined by association with the SFC at the moment of SFC Release. It is because master data of the order and routing can be changed after SFC Release, for example, for releasing next SFCs of this order. 

Special cases

  • Browse Task List of POD shows WC of operations defined in Operation Maintenance because at this point there is no production action happened yet and thus the rule is not applicable.
  • SFC Report filters WC of Routing Steps only, with no respect to WC of other objects.

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