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Welcome to SAP MaxDB. This is the SAP community wiki starting point for topics around SAP MaxDB.

Please note that the official brand name is SAP MaxDB even if shortened to MaxDB in underlying contents.Useful links are the Getting Started with SAP MaxDB. For downloading the software for Unix/Linux, Microsoft Windows and other operating systems use for non-SAP customers the Software Download Catalog (search for SAP MaxDB) and for SAP customers the SAP Software Download Center (SWDC, see note 1672252).

Moderator: Birgit Malik

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SAP Community Topic Page: SAP MaxDB Community
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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

  • Page:
    FAQ Contains strategic, general and technical answers, as well as links to other FAQs.

  • Page:
    SAP MaxDB FAQ Notes — This page contains the links to the available SAP MaxDB/liveCache FAQ Notes.

Support & How To

  • Page:
    SAP MaxDB HowTo — Collection of HowTo documents dealing with various topics in using SAP MaxDB.

Database Tunning and Performance

  • Page:
    Tuning SAP MaxDB This section provides background information and hints about SAP MaxDB tuning and performance.

SAP MaxDB Services

  • Page:
    SAP MaxDB Services This section gives detailed information about available SAP MaxDB Services.

Online Documentation & Forums
Database Features
Learning Map


  • Page:
    SAP MaxDB Events This section gives information about SAP MaxDB Events.

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