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backup activity: number of pages read <count>, written <count>


Backup activities may harm the performance of the system's operational work. The runtime of a backup should be reduced to the necessary minimum.
Long-running backups may be caused by different bottlenecks of the system, f.e. write operation to disks is too slow.
If tapes or external backup tools are used they might also be responsbible for a bad performance.

User Response

Identify the bottleneck. Check hardware if I/O performance needs improvements.

More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
Helpful with ...
DBAN_BACKUP.csv Provides a detailed collection of backup related data. 
DBAN_SV.csv Information about server tasks
SAP Note
 1377148 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Backup / RecoveryProvides general information about backup/restore mechanisms. 
Expert Sessions (Link to trainings)
Content / Helpful with ...
Session 11: SAP MaxDB Backup and RecoveryFind general information about different sorts of backups and how they can be monitored. 
Documentation (Links)
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