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Number of bad indexes: <number>



If an index tree is destroyed this may have an enormous impact on performance. Especially when big tables are affected commands may run amok and slow down the whole system up to a near stand-still. 
Indexes may get corrupt because of hardware failures and seldomly software problems. 


User Response

Indexes marked as bad are identified and shown in Database Studio and transaction db50. They can directly be regenerated without the need to specify their exact definition.
As often hardware problems have caused bad indexes you should generally check the hardware as next time permanent data pages might be affected. Run a CHECK DATA.


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
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DBAN_RUNNING_COMMANDS.prtIdentify possible long-running commands. 
SAP Note
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928037 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Indexes Provides general information about indexes. 
167394 - SAP MaxDB: BAD INDEX Bad indexes after recovery or restart - what to do? 
Expert Sessions (Link to trainings)
Content / Helpful with ...

Session 16: SAP MaxDB SQL Query Optimization (Part 1)
Session 16: SAP MaxDB SQL Query Optimization (Part 2)

General information about SQL optimization also showing the importance of ready-for-use indexes.
Documentation (Links)
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