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CPU utilization: instance <database_instance_name>: <percentage>% (usr: <percentage>%, sys: <percentage>%), host: <percentage>% (usr: <percentage>%, sys: <percentage>%), idle: <percentage>%

CPU utilization: instance <database_instance_name>: <percentage>% (usr: <percentage>%, sys: <percentage>%), host: <percentage>% (usr: <percentage>%, sys: <percentage>%, wio: <percentage>%), idle:<percentage>%

System idle time <percentage>%, CPU used from instance <database_instance_name>: <percentage>%

High CPU utilization of UKT <UKT_ID> (<UKT_taskcluster>), user mode <percentage>%, system mode: <percentage>%, current runqueue length: <count>



The messages provide detailed information about CPU usage per instance and for the whole host. You'll see how the CPU resources are shared between user (usr) and system (sys) mode, and how many idle resources are left.

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Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
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System load: CPU usage in user and system mode.
DBAN_UKT_CPU_UTILIZATION.prt Provides detailed information about the CPU usage.
SAP Notes
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Expert Sessions (Link to trainings)
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Session 26 - SAP MaxDB Multi TaskingDescribes general mechanisms how CPUs are used in MaxDB and which parameters define the usage of CPUs. 
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