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DB procedures called: <number>, avg. <number> per second

<number_of> Timeouts for DB procedure: <DB_procedure_name>, 0 wait time

<number_of> Timeouts for DB procedure: <DB_procedure_name>, avg/max wait time for consistent view: <duration>/<duration> sec

<number_of> lock waits for DB procedure '<DB_procedure_name>', avg wait time: <duration>

<DB_procedure_name>: maximum size of a single memory request is <size> MB


Beschreibung prüfen und konkretisieren

This message can occur for SAP liveCache technology only.

You get information about the use of DB procedures in liveCache. Some messages are just informative. If you observe a high amount of timeouts because of waiting times this is ciritical for the performance.

User Response

Check which DB procedures hinder each other because they need the same resources. Usually changes must be done on application side.

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