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A snapshot of the currently running commands is provided. You get a list of SQL statements that were active when starting Database Analyzer analysis.

DBAN_RUNNING_COMMANDS.prt can be used in retrospect to identify long-running commands overlapping several collection intervals. The commands are truncated and thus not necessarily useful for further analysis (execution plan generation).

If you want to monitor all SQL statements (fulfilling a given specification) also between DB-Analyzer snapshots the command monitor should be used. It is not activated as default but has to be switched on explicitly.

The resource monitor is activated as default. It also may help afterwards to identify commands consuming a high amount of resources. 

Content - Description of the collected values

Example output:

===== #183600     at 2017-01-08 02:35:12
*  I  Task 66:  SELECT /*+ SHORT_SUM_VALUES */ "S699"."/B28/S_YIDDPM4" AS "ACCOUNT" ,"S700"."/B28/S_YIDCH7Z" AS "DATASOURCE" ,"S701"."/B28/S_YIDD79K" AS "ENTITY" ,"S702"."/B28/S_YIDCD61" AS "INTERCOMPANY" ,"S703"."/B28/S_YIDC0G9" AS "DIVISION" ,"S704"."/B28/S_YIDC154" AS "FUNCTIONALAREA" , SUM (  "F"."/B28/S_SDATA"  )  AS "SIGNEDDATA" FROM "/B28/EYIIBR3V" "F" JOIN "/B28/SYIDDPM4" "S699" ON  "F" . "KEY_YIIBR3V1" = "S699" . "SID" JOIN "/B28/SYIDCH7Z" "S700" ON  "F" . "KEY_YIIBR3V5" = "S700" . "SID" JOIN "/B28
*  I  Task 65:  SELECT /*+ SHORT_SUM_VALUES, ORDERED, JOIN(;INDEXACCESS ("/B28/EYIIC35B~P")) */ 0 AS "KEY_YIIC35BP" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35BT" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B1" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35BU" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B2" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B3" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B4" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B5" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B6" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B7" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B8" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35B9" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35BA" ,"F"."KEY_YIIC35BB" ,SUM( "F"."/B28/S_SDATA" ) + MAX( "E"."/B28/S_SDATA" ) AS "/B28/S_SDATA" FROM "/B28/FYIIC35B" "F" JOIN "/B28/EYIIC35B" "E" ON  "F" . "KE
===== #183690     at 2017-01-08 02:50:13
*  I  Task 69: UPSERT "RSBATCHCTRL" SET "LAST_PROCESS" = ?, "JOBNAME" = ?, "JOBCOUNT" = ?, "SERVER" = ?, "HOST" = ?, "WP_NO" = ?, "WP_PID" = ?, "TS_START" = ?, "BATCH_CLASS" = ?, "UNAME" = ?, "STATUS" = ?, "TS_LAST" = ?, "PROCESS_TYPE" = ?, "LANGU" = ?, "EXECUTE_UNAME" = ? KEY "BATCH_ID" = ?, "BATCH_PROCESS" = ?


Examples of Analyses

  • <Links to BCP tickets>
  • <Links to new pages or WORD documents describing an analysis>

More Information

SAP Note
Helpful with ...
1603165 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB command monitorFind information about the use of the command monitor. 
1691121 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB resource monitorFind information about the use of the resource monitor.  
2131182 - Sudden performance problem due to blocked savepointLong running commands can be identified even if they finished at the time of the analysis.
Expert Session (Link to Trainings)
Content / Helpful with ... 
Session 16: SAP MaxDB SQL Query Optimization (Part 1)
Session 16: SAP MaxDB SQL Query Optimization (Part 2)
Long running commands may be caused by disadvantegeous execution plans. Find out how the optimizer works to create adequate indexes.
Session 4: Performance Optimization with SAP MaxDB Find information about the command and resource monitor and general aspects of performance analysis. (Parts ot the information may be outdated but the general principles should last.) 



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