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Here you find information related to savepoint handling. The file is useful to specify the amount of data that has to be handled for a savepoint, write times are supplied and thus you can retrace the duration of savepoints. Additionally detailed information about the different savepoint phases is delivered.  

Content - Description of the collected values

Column name
 Further explanations
CacheFlushWritesphysical writes for cache flush
CacheFlushWrittenPgNumber of pages written for cache flush
AvgWTime_CacheFlushAverage.time (ms) of cache flushes
SavepointsNumber of savepoints Default metric
ConverterVersionconverter version
SvpRuntimeruntime of savepoint(s) in s Default metric
SvpIOCallsNumber of IO calls
SvpWrittenPgNumber of pages written
SvpQueueingForIOTimeruntime of queueing for I/O in s
SvpClusterSortCheckTimeruntime of cluster sort checks in s
SvpPhase1Flushtimeflush time of phase 1 in s
SvpPhase1IOCalls Number of IO calls in phase 1
SvpPhase1WrittenPgNumber of pages written in phase 1
SvpPhase2Flushtimeflush time of phase 2 in s
SvpPhase2IOCallsNumber of IO calls in phase 2
SvpPhase2WrittenPgNumber of pages written in phase 2
SvpPhasePrepareTimedatacache locked time in s
SvpPhase3Flushtimeflush time of phase 3 in s
SvpPhase3IOCallsNumber of IO calls in phase 3
SvpPhase3WrittenPgNumber of pages written in phase 3

Examples of Analyses

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More Information

SAP Note
Helpful with ...
869267 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Log area Provides information about the use of savepoints.
819641 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Performance Savepoint duration is related to disk I/O.
936058 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Runtime Environment  Find some information about which task types participate in savepoint handling.
Expert Session (Link to Trainings)
Content / Helpful with ... 
Session 10: SAP MaxDB LoggingDescribes the concept of transaction handling with savepoints and how to influence and trigger them.
Session 26: SAP MaxDB I/O Concept In case of long running savepoints I/O might be the bottleneck.
Find more about I/O mechanisms.

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